Droid RAZR to Combine Motorola’s Two Most Iconic Brands?


Could Motorola be looking to capitalize on two of its most recognizable brands by introducing a device known as the Droid RAZR? Let’s take it as a huge rumor for now, but a test photo (above) from the supposed device’s camera has surfaced with EXIF data claiming the name. Now, EXIF data can sure enough be faked, but there is reason to believe a Droid RAZR could be real.

Aside from the fact that the pairing makes almost perfect sense, there is the glossed over handset known as the Motorola Slimline (seen above) to ponder. The only mention of the device comes from a Motorola website redesign leaked back in the spring. But that mention included a render of the device (seen below), and in hindsight it does look mighty RAZR-y. The original feature phone was known for its slim profile, and it would follow that a device codenamed the Slimeline could be easily rebranded under the RAZR name.

We’ve heard no other whisperings about the a the Slimline let alone its connections to a possible RAZR smartphone, so we’re not quite sure what to think of this one. The idea sounds like a mountain full of gold waiting to be mined, but we’ll have to wait and see what other information we can gather from Verizon and Moto before getting completely behind this rumor.

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  1. I would love this for to be a flip device with a full keyboard.

    1. Exactly! RAZR makes me think of a clamshell phone… so, to me, it would make sense for something called DROID RAZR to be akin to a clamshell Android phone. Perhaps something similar in form factor to a blackberry with a portrait keyboard, flipping between the keyboard and touchscreen.

  2. Is that like calling it a Moto Reeces? You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

    1. Not only is ‘Reeses’ spelled with an ‘s’ not a ‘c’ but that was also an epic fail of a joke.

  3. LOL @ slimeline. Gotta fix that. Also that mock up looks neat. Droid RAZR seems logical. Unnecessary but logical.

  4. ” codenamed the Slimeline ” Someone call Ghostbusters

  5. Wow Moto didn’t expect the shark jumping so soon. Good luck with that. Hope you remember what happened last time.

    1. RAZR was the best selling flip phone in history. Sold more than 130M units.


      1. Yep, then it became the poster child for lazy design and obliviousness to the market that Moto has been trying to outlive for years.

        1. And where I sell phones, we still get about 4 people a week asking for that “Poster child for lazy design”… How many years later? Haha

          1. And I still see people wearing polyester leisure suits… Doesn’t mean it didn’t turn into a joke for the rest of us a long time ago.

          2. why is a joke,people who really think ots a joke,well joke is on you or are you a joke??

          3. Very true. My coworkers and I do tend to get a chuckle out of the types of people that ask for them. Although the people that typically ask for the Microsoft Kin are… Even better. :D

          4. @Evan S.
            I call BS on that…
            Unless they’re just trying to see if you “really” still have the kin.

          5. Here’s a question. Did you ever think.. I mean did you really ever think that some people do not have the means to afford (or even want to own) a smartphone? Not every region in the world has a high saturation of smartphones or 3G/4G speeds, especially developing countries. More than half the country still uses feature phones, which explains why Nokia still has such a dominant marketshare. And smartphone ownership is not expected to eclipse that until 2016.

            So I can only ask… did you think about any of that? No. Of course not. You were busy being an image elitist.

            That kind of tripe belongs with iTards, you troll. Now would you kindly go crawl back under your massive blob of a mom? It’s breastfeeding time and we wouldn’t want you to get more cranky than you already are.

          6. Oh, I must have missed the part where we were discussing smartphone penitration in developing countries.

            Oh wait, that’s right, we weren’t…

            Look tubs you know nothing about me (any you damn sure don’t know anything about my mother) so unless you want to add something that actually has to do with the discussion at hand (which is smartphone marketing it developed countries) why don’t you take your holier than thou attitude back to the drum circle and not act like a 9 year old on the playground (Mom jokes? Really?)

          7. @itshardouthereforablimp
            Oh, I must have missed the part where we were discussing smartphone penitration in developing countries.

            Oh wait, that’s right, we weren’t…

            Look tubs you know nothing about me (any you damn sure don’t know nothing about my mother) so unless you want to add something that actually has to do with the discussion at hand (which is smartphone marketing it developed countries) why don’t you take your holier than thou attitude back to the drum circle.

          8. @tande04 or Guest or whatever name you’re going by now…

            That’s rich coming from someone whose first instinct to people who have insight he doesn’t agree with is to verbally defecate all over them. Isn’t that precisely what 9 year olds do? You’re either really retarded, a huge hypocrite, or extremely vain. But you’re right about one thing: I don’t know just how idiotic you are, so it might be all three.

            The point about bringing up feature phones still selling in developing worlds is relevant because you proceeded to shit all over the fact that the Razr trademark is still a profitable international brand without paying attention to this fact.

            Furthermore, from your comments, it seems you literally believe that they are thinking about ressurecting the exact form factor of the original phone, which you probably realize sounds so retarded that you don’t actually come right out with it.

            Whatever your problem is, that you fail to see the importance of drawing in outside analysis just shows why you should never get a job in this field at all. And if you do or already have one, hang yourself. You’ll spare yourself a lot of grief.

            Now go take your ball and go home.

          9. Cute story.

            My favorite part was how you got the cheap digs in without an ounce of actual fact to back it up.

            Razr was never a brand in developing worlds, profitable or otherwise, so nice try on connecting that asinine argument back in. In fact, short of the US there was little “international” impact with it at all. It was introduced in Europe originally and while it did have initial success there it never really caught on the way it did in the US. Which magically brings us back to the point that Moto did a fine job of running that brand into the ground in the only country where it really matters.

            (Still keeping up? Good, I can never tell with you, sometimes it seems like you know what you’re talking about, most of the time it just seems like you’re a prick)

            Furthermore, no part in or out of context in any comment I made makes it sound like I ever thought it was the same form factor. You are right though, it does make a much better story the way you tell it, just further makes one question your reading comprehension.

            So my only problem is failing to see what “outside” analysis I could possibly get from you separate from lessons in being an ass (which I have covered just fine).

            Why don’t you just go.

          10. If I was to say screw all this, and go back to a feature phone.. I would probably get a Razr.. Look at the Samsung, LG , and others, offerings in this category even now they are all crap in comparison.. Not everyone wants or needs a smartphone.. I would think someone who just wanted a phone would be stupid to buy one so that you won’t be laughing at them.. And that’s you by the way.. I am not part of your “rest of us”.

        2. i see a ton of people with razrs still..and they keep selling…if its as a joke as some say,,,the joke wouldnt lasted this long?be alittle smarter when you speak please.

          1. Be a little less dilusional when you speak please…

            If you think that the “grown ups” don’t laugh a bit when someone pulls out a flip phone at this point you’re living in the same strange world that the moto people must be living in.

          2. that sounds like a very grown upish thing to do.

          3. Eh, welcome to the real world where you are judged by your peers.

  6. They should have done that with the bionic. Hopefully this one they will unlock the bootloader.

  7. Wow just the other day i was saying they should make a razor phone with android

  8. Industrial design gets a 10/10 in my book. Infinitely better than the blocky look of the Droid, Droid 2, Droid3, Droid X, Droid X2 and Droid Bionic.

    1. when the droid came out it looked cool. now im just embarrassed to have a slider. what am I, a 14 year old girl?

      1. lame comment

      2. I couldn’t take having one anymore.. and jumped on the bionic train..

  9. Xenon flash please, just look at the Nokia N8 the indoor & night shots kills the competition.

  10. It will probably be locked down too.

  11. Lazy design? That was one of the best designed phones I can recall. Very distinctive and futuristic. Mine lasted for years actually, even after my razor got completely submerged.

  12. It’s actually a pretty novel idea, solely from a brand name standpoint, which is all this article really discusses. Aside from features or form factor, it would be suicide for them to try anything remotely similar to the original Razor or even the v3 one, so I don’t see those going anywhere.

  13. I know i’ll probably get slaughtered for this, but here goes.
    Anyone remember the Motorola Calgary from way back when the original Droid was just a rumour? I personally thought that was a snazzy piece of design. Stick some decent internals in it (and sell it worldwide) and Motorola could be on to a winner.

  14. I miss my good ol’ RAZR.

    Might get Droid RAZR instead of whatever HTC will release,

    That if MOTO releases GSM version of it.

  15. Not a bad idea IMO, as long as it’s a good device.

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