Verizon Said to Announce Verizon Apps Store Later Today


CNN reports that Verizon will be announcing Verizon Apps later today at a Las Vegas Conference. It will be an Android app store exclusive to Verizon customers and the store is expected to be preinstalled on new handsets going forward and offered to existing Android smartphone owners.

Details are a tad scarce at the moment, but it’s said Verizon will employ Chomp to power their application searching engine. Without knowing much more than that, we’re inclined to scratch our heads and question why Verizon’s doing this. If you don’t remember, they launched the V Cast Apps store a while back.

Among carrier billing to make it easier for users to buy apps, they also promised more visibility due to a more hands-on approval process which would eliminate the many garbage apps you see in the Android market. It’s perceived that didn’t go too well for Verizon, but we can’t say for sure.

But if they really didn’t do all too well with V Cast apps, why would they come out and reintroduce the same thing? Will there be different and newer incentives for developers? Is Chomp’s discovery engine the main driving force for a relaunch? We can’t say for sure, but hopefully we’ll know more before the sun goes down.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So it’ll be like the regular Android Market, except for Verizon only, and everything will cost more. Brilliant.

    These secondary markets are becoming a plague for Android.

    1. Amazon is actually pretty good.

      1. Amazon’s is only available to about 4% of the world population, so for most Android users it’s pretty much irrelevant.

  2. My phone got the market already, why do I still need that trash app?

  3. Just wait until Big Red blocks Google Market and the Amazon App Store from being installed…

    1. another reason for users to root….Sad.

      1. who needs more excuses :D Its much more fun.

    2. I highly doubt they would ever do that. This is simply a way to make their apps more available to the customer. Why does everyone read into stuff to much.

    3. c’mon, lets deal in reality, why would Verizon block the Android market?. This post is ALMOST not worth responding to.

  4. *coughbullshitcoughcough*

  5. Nooooooobody cares. How about they announce something anyone would actually care about like some new phones more than one day before launch?

    1. Um, I care. Their NFL and Indy Car app are excellent. And this is simply another way to make these apps available to their customers.

      1. I knew about the Bionic for 2 months before it came out.

        1. and that means that your slow

  6. They better let us still access Android Market or they shoot themselves in the foot.

  7. Make it go away

  8. Its actually because Verizon recognizes 95% of there customers are too stupid to realize the difference between google app store and their own and they see $$ in being the middle man between transactions from the 95% clueless.

  9. scalamoosh is right they are doing this to take advantage of the naive, they just sold my mother in law a galaxy tab and a droid charge with the max data plan on both cause they convinced get that she HAD to have it.

  10. I wonder if apps like Rom Manager, Titanium Backup, Wireless Tether, ET AL will be offered?

  11. Where in this article does it mention Verizon will be blocking the Android market? Oh Wait it doesnt

  12. I see a lawsuit coming, Apple owns the rights to the term Verizon.

    1. Apple lost that fight in the US.
      I think Apple only won that BS fight in 1 country.

  13. Bleh more bloatware. My phone’s belly is getting full

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