Sep 13th, 2011

CNN reports that Verizon will be announcing Verizon Apps later today at a Las Vegas Conference. It will be an Android app store exclusive to Verizon customers and the store is expected to be preinstalled on new handsets going forward and offered to existing Android smartphone owners.

Details are a tad scarce at the moment, but it’s said Verizon will employ Chomp to power their application searching engine. Without knowing much more than that, we’re inclined to scratch our heads and question why Verizon’s doing this. If you don’t remember, they launched the V Cast Apps store a while back.

Among carrier billing to make it easier for users to buy apps, they also promised more visibility due to a more hands-on approval process which would eliminate the many garbage apps you see in the Android market. It’s perceived that didn’t go too well for Verizon, but we can’t say for sure.

But if they really didn’t do all too well with V Cast apps, why would they come out and reintroduce the same thing? Will there be different and newer incentives for developers? Is Chomp’s discovery engine the main driving force for a relaunch? We can’t say for sure, but hopefully we’ll know more before the sun goes down.

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