HSN Now Selling the Sony Tablet S for $599


The Home Shopping Network is now taking orders for the Sony Tablet S. It was revealed a couple weeks back that we could expect the Tablet S sometime in September. There are no reports of other outlets selling Sony’s first Android slate, but Sony has been offering a pre-order on the device for $499. HSN, on the other hand, is selling the Tablet S for $599. It’s just four easy payments of $150, the price to pay for being among the first to take the brand new tablet into your hands.

[HSN via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Tigerdirect is selling them for 499

  2. At best buy its $499

  3. No more spam you should kick all the assholes that do it off the site

  4. That price 599 is to high for a 16gb, no matter who is selling it.

  5. Wow how cool is this….it’s the new Quad-core Tegra 3 right?!?! Oh I thought it was based on the price….$499 = FAIL!

  6. Is the Tablet S suppose to be 499$ WHY IS HSN CHARGING MORE? would never pay 6 easy payment plan.

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