Root and Unroot the Droid Bionic in One Click


The Motorola Droid Bionic has only been out for a couple days, but already an easy-to-use tool has been created allowing for one click root access. Even better, if you ever have a need to return your device to an unrooted state the Pete’s Root Tool allows for that, as well. This actually became available yesterday, but if you already downloaded you’ll want to grab the latest version to gain access to the program’s unroot features. Head over to the RootzWiki link below to download.

[RootzWiki via DroidLife]

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  1. I assume this phone doesn’t have an unlocked bootloader? If it does I will completely go buy one this evening.

    1. Why would you assume that?

    2. You know what they say when you assume……

  2. That’s really cool!

  3. Will this void my warranty?

    1. Yes

  4. I can confirm this root/unroot tool working on the official OTA update for the Droid2 Global. Rooted using previous methods, unrooted using this tool. Rooted again afterwards. All were successful with no problems.

  5. Anybody have a link on how to root it the long way? I’d just as soon do it myself.

  6. Does this work on the Droid 3?

  7. any one know if this will work on the photon? being they are almost the same phone?

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