Google Maps Updated – Users Can Now Attach Photos With Reviews of Places


If you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed it. It was only earlier today that we got news of Google acquiring user generated restaurant rating service, Zagat — and now we have an update to Google Maps in the Android Market. Users now have the ability to upload pics along with their reviews of Places, adding even more insight when it comes to choosing that next eatery in your area. I’m a big foodie and love creating and reading reviews for restaurants so this comes as a much welcomed update. Woot!

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Chris Chavez
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  1. OK GOOD…
    Next step to be able to share your holiday photos ON google+ VIA google maps,
    Fantastic google!!

    1. I can actually see Google maps using the location data of your photo’s to lay them across the map of the world to give a visual/geographical representation of what you took pictures of.

  2. More gmaps bloat

    1. “uninstall updates”.

      1. Yeah, except if you want to get any of the other features, you still have to install the rest of the bloat. They should have separated some of the stuff like Locations/Places/or whatever it is out from the mapping app. Leave maps as maps and make other apps that act as plug-ins that users can choose to install.

        1. I agree, the app is getting bloated, we need less bloat and more plug-in-like updates

  3. Lattitude real time updating is gone in this version.

    1. WTEFF!?!?! That seriously SUCKS :O

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