Updated Google TV Hardware Shown at CEDIA Along With Honeycomb [Video]


Fresh off the CEDIA show floor the boys at Engadget came across some new Google TV hardware. The set-top was updated with the couldn’t-come-soon-enough new version of Honeycomb for Google TV showing off some of their highlighted app as picked by Google. Honestly, I can’t wait to update my Logitech Revue and get some Android Market lovin’ on this aging device. Oh – here’s a video too for good measure.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I prefer connecting a cheap computer hdmi output to my HDTV with a wireless keyboard/mouse and get 100x the performance and capability shown here.

    1. But then your TV is just a computer. Most people watch TV to escape computers, they don’t want that in their living room.

      1. Exactly this.

      2. does GoogleTV offer a Boxee app? if not, i’ll stick with averytuttle & connect via HDMI for more shows than GTV offers.
        it might be a computer connected TV but it runs more shows than without it (given i don’t have cable & can’t pull any show i want)

    2. What cheap computer has HDMI. Also, make sure that it has audio output as many still do not.

  2. when im so excited for ics

    1. The clock widget is shown in the picture

      1. I wasn’t yelling that I want widgets! I was yelling because there are widgets!

        1. OH. I just tried pushing “menu” on my Revue with the leaked HC. It has widgets.

  3. This is awesome. Hope to see it soon on a Logitech Revue near me.

  4. Gaming, Video Calling, and Social networking it is all about new Google TV

  5. That doesn’t look like new hardware to me. That is the sony blu-ray GTV device.

    1. Yeah I saw this on engadget last night and thought the same thing. Then I figured it was just poorly worded and it really means “same hardware, updated software”

    2. If it were new hardware it would say “new hardware”. It’s hardware that has had a software update.

  6. Seeing as how Google TV uses Chrome, and will be using ICS, does that imply that ICS has Chrome as ts standard browser out of the box? Or will that be updated later around the time that Google decides Google TV’s will be updated to ICS

    I really hope the Nexus Prime comes with Chrome

  7. Nice. I just bought a Logitech Revue since it dropped to $99. If anyone out there uses XBMC, Google TV does a really nice job of streaming Divx/Xvid .avi files or blu-ray rips converted to h.264 in .mp4 or .mkv container.

    Also if you use a set-top box, it hooks up really well with it. Search results can include channel information from your TV provider and not to mention youtube/amazon video/netflix/etc support right out of the box.

    You do sacrifice some nice stuff that XBMC does easy like samba shares and presenting meta data.

    But overall, the $99 price on the Revue makes it an excellent value. Highly recommended.

  8. So I still got the regular stock Logitech revenue, what doin do?

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