Verizon Officially Details DROID Bionic Availability (Sep. 8th, $300)



Verizon has officially announced tomorrow’s availability of the Motorola DROID Bionic. For $300 on a new two-year agreement, you’re getting a very powerful smartphone that should satisfy your needs if you were looking for a dual-core processor to go along with the 4G LTE radios inside.

TI’s OMAP4 dual-core processor sits inside and, if other recent DROIDs are anything to go by, should be more than enough to power Android 2.3.4 with whatever Motorola’s calling their UI these days.

You’re also getting 1GB of RAM, a 4.3 inch qHD display, 16GB of internal storage (though you may be missing a few gigs) and a 16GB microSD card preinstalled, an 8 megapixel 1080p HD video camera with a front-facing camera for video calls, webtop functionality, mobile hotspot support and a whole lot more. And since accessories are a big part of Motorola’s high-end devices these days, here’s what you can look to buy alongside the device:

  • The Lapdock will be available for $299.97, the HD Station will be available for $99.99 and the Adapter for Webtop Application will be available for $29.99. DEAL: For a limited time, customers who purchase a Lapdock with the DROID BIONIC can receive a $100 mail-in rebate when subscribing to a $50, 5 GB data plan or higher.
  • Vehicle Navigation Dock delivers easy access to maps, favorite contacts, hands-free calling, music, navigation and more and supports streaming of audio and music via the 3.5 mm audio jack, if available, to play through vehicle speakers. The Vehicle Navigation Dock will be available for $39.99.
  • The Battery Dock with standard battery is a pocket-sized accessory with an extra battery included to charge both DROID BIONIC and an extra battery at the same speed as a wall charger. The Battery Dock will be available for $49.99.

All of this is coming September 8th (tomorrow from the date of this posting) so it’s literally right around the corner now. We know it’s been a long journey (9 months, actually) but now that we’ve emerged from this tunnel are any of you going to settle here? Discuss it over at the DROID Bionic section of AndroidForums.com as well as in the comments section below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like a beefy DX/DX2!

    1. It’s basically the same size as the DX with roughly the same weight.

  2. ehhh I’ll wait to see what’s out next year

  3. Bionic is already outdated to the phones about to release in October

    1. Oh yeah, which one do you have confirmation will be out in October?

      1. The entire Galaxy Lineup? The Nexus is coming soon though, yet not confirmed

        1. Which Galaxy is coming to Verizon again?

        2. Verizon is not getting the galaxy s2

  4. I’d have bought one around April. It’s too late.

    1. You’ll be replaced by someone who just got their 2-year upgrade.

  5. Hey look a troll

  6. Seems like waiting for the day before to start officially marketing a phone is a bad way to go about it, especially one that is supposed to be your top device (even if it is only for about a month or two).

  7. Just talked with VZW and they said that it will not be available in the store tomorrow, it’s only available online. It will be available in stores on the 15th of Sept. NOTHING IS EVER EASY!

  8. About damn time!

  9. I could’ve upgraded from my OG in March but instead held out til now. Prob would’ve gotten the early upgrade anyway in time for this :-/ This focker better be worth it!

    Ok, attorneys, get the class-action going. I need my 10% accessories coupon.

  10. I STILL have not received an email with any information from Verizon. What is the purpose of signing up? Oh I know, they are probably selling the email addresses to spammers.

  11. As frustrating as it is going to 5 different Verizon Stores. It’s even more frustrating when you get there and none of them have a device to touch or information on hand. What’s even worse is that I know more about this phone than any of the VZW reps and not one can confirm or deny any of my info.

    As to the comments above on availability, I have heard that they will have plenty in stock tomorrow and my rep said, “We won’t sell out” … (this was after 3 subsequent stops to this same store on previous days).

    As for the “specs” on “October Release Phones” … Moto HD? Nexus Prime? S2 (which isn’t coming to VZW)? um.. what do I actually get other than a .2 gain in processor speed? Once overclocked I am more than sure I can account for the .2 gain in “stock processor speed”.

    As for form of the LGs, Samsungs, and HTCs… Sorry, form factor on all those phones is to include a bunch of bloatware that no one wants. I’ll take mine as close to ASOP as possible, thanks, you can keep the Sense UI and you can have the Samsung “kid-ified” icons and colors. Moto is smooth as butter. and as durable as they get. Besides who runs stock anyway? When I get my bionic, I’ll have root access and be ready to flash ROMs and add my root only apps 30 minutes later… Just sayin’

  12. I find it odd that people whine about having the latest and greatest and fastest CPU spec’d phone and amongst first things they do is bombard XDA to start underclocking and undervolting to eek out battery life.
    Read through the Galaxy SII forums where some heavy debate was going on about whether underclocking the undervolting saves battery life or not, and someone voiced the opinion that what’s the point of shelling out all that money for a dual core 1.2ghz beast only for you to be underclocking it?

    Even though it’s come out late, this phone can still hold its own weight amongst the big boys i think. There’s always something “fasterer” down the road…and you can either wait in perpetuity or carpe diem.

  13. Don’t know where all these non-factual rumors are coming about.
    The phone will indeed be available on 9/8/11 in stores. I just went to the store on Madison Ave & 43 st. & confirmed. They will also be opening an hour early at 7:30am tomorrow for the phone launch.

  14. Only reason why it’s $299 it casue the GS2 isnt coming to verizon

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