Sep 7th, 2011

As Gingerbread continues to roll out to the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global, Motorola Feedback Network members have started to receive emails about a “confidential project for Droid R2-D2 owners.” While the email only asks for interested parties to sign up and makes no mention of any sort of update or soak test, putting the math together results in a suspicion that the Droid R2-D2 might be next in line to receive Android 2.3. The Droid R2-D2, as most will remember, was released as a limited edition run of Droid 2 handsets decked out to look like everyone’s favorite astromech droid. The handset marked the first official acknowledgement of the Droid handset lineup’s relation to the Star Wars franchise. Given the hardware, it isn’t a stretch to think the currently available update for other members of the Droid 2 family could soon be finding its way to a galaxy far, far away.

[Thanks, Joe!]

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