HTC Rhyme Gains DLNA Certification – Still Shrouded In Mystery


The HTC Rhyme (ADR6330VW) received it’s DLNA certification over the weekend. We have little-to-no information on this device other than its name and that it’s coming as soon as September 29th. Thanks to a recently leaked MAP what we do know is that it will will carry a $200 price sticker and be released on Verizon. Seeing how HTC recently formed a partnership with Beats, we’re guessing this will be a device bundled with a Beats by Dre headset (Dre not included).

[Ameblo via Droid-Life]

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  1. I just hope this Beats deal includes a physically upgraded speaker. There is only so far software can enhance the sound, and most of these phones come with some shotty speakers.

  2. I’d love the Beats treatment, but if it’s not high capacity (100GB or more) then I’m not interested.

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