HTC DROID Incredible’s Gingerbread Update Now Rolling Out to More People


Late last week, a smattering of reports from DROID Incredible users suggested an OTA update was rolling out, but it seems it was a slight test from Verizon and HTC as users had trouble pulling it down themselves. It looks like the rollout may be launching for the majority of you, though. See if you can’t pull it down from the cloud and let us know if you are able to. And if you are, be sure to head back here with your impressions and discuss the update with fellow owners in the DROID Incredible section at AndroidForums.com.

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  1. Nothing for me yet, as of 1035 on 9/7. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. only a year after gingerbread was released. fragmentation sounds fun!

      1. Oh, goodness, it’s a difference of…. one version of an OS. Big fuggin’ whoop. What are you arguing, even?

  2. I got it and its sweet!

  3. I’ve got mine – Albany, NY – first thing this morning – had to wait til battery charged

  4. No love for the incredible at 815am pacific time

  5. See this is why (aside from Sense bloatware) HTC rules. This phone has been EOL for quite some time now, and it’s still getting Gingerbread.

    1. amen brother!!

  6. Got my update this morning. I have not reviewed the details but from what I see it looks pretty good.

  7. Nothing for me as of 10:41 Central Time on 9/7

  8. LIARS!!!!!!!!!!! or at least thats what I will say til I see it kick off on my phone

  9. Nothing here either in shreveport la as of now….grrrrrr

  10. Nothing here yet at 1050 on the east coast

  11. 12:22 Eastern in Ohio, nothing here.

    1. For some reason us Ohio people are constantly last.

  12. Got mine first thing this AM. Tampa, FL. Nothing too fancy. Slight increase in speed. Random UI changes. Definitely not complaining though :)

  13. Got it this morning at about 7am on the East Coast.

  14. My DInc is rooted but I is running stock. Will I get the OTA update?

  15. Noting on the west coast city of LA

  16. just got it. 12:30am on Thursday, Los Angeles. Sweet!

  17. Wife got her’s updated on 9/6, but mine hasn’t been yet

  18. OTA was waiting for me when I woke up this morning. Everything went smooth and I am now running 2.3.4. Wisconsin

  19. I’m in California and I got my 2.3.4 this morning as well.

  20. Got it around 8am ET in Maine on 9/8/2011

  21. Still haven’t got it but my friend got 2 days ago and we live in the same town it Wa….where is mine?

  22. Nothing yet!

  23. people with rooted and Cyanogen mod7 droid incs got gingerbread at least since January 2011. Lol.

  24. I still havent got my update yet. Does it matter if your rooted or not? Yesterday all my contacts disappeared and my apps arent working. Everytime i open up a game or the market, it “stops unexpectedly”. Can anyone help?

  25. 16 Sep 2011 and still nothing! Not surprised.

  26. Now September 18th wee morning and nothing on my phone yet

  27. 20 Sep 2011 Nothing!

  28. Still no love in Cleveland. If I don’t get it before the vigor comes out, then I will upgrade my hardware.

  29. Nope! Nothing yet.

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