GoToMeeting from Citrix Brings the Office to Your Android


Sure, we love technology for the way it has enhanced our connectivity with the people we interact with daily, but that same power is also making it increasingly difficult to separate our work lives from our home lives. Whether a good thing or bad thing, Citrix has been making remote access to the office a cinch since it introduced GoToMeeting, and that access has just spread to Android devices everywhere.

With GoToMeeting on Android, whether connected over 3G, 4G, or WiFi, out-of-office workers can tap into on-site meetings, view presentations, see who is attending the meeting, and chime in using a headset or Android phone’s built-in microphone. The app is free for Android 2.2 handsets and above, but you’ll need to be linked in with a company that owns a copy of the dektop software responsible for setting up virtual meetings.

Android Market Link: GoToMeeting


[via AndroidPolice]

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