Android Overload: SE Believes Xperia Play Is Meeting Expectations, Official SBF Released for the Droid X and More


Hey there, folks! Congrats cuz you’ve found yourself in another episode of the Android Overload. During our busy day we may not always find time to write up every single news worthy we come across. Rather than let them fade away into the internet, we drop off here for you guys to give the once over. So have a look around and don’t forget to leave any thoughts you have in the comments. G’night!

  • Screencast & Screenrecorder now available in the Android Market. [Market Link]
  • Samsung Galaxy W launching on O2 in the UK later this month. [TalkAndroid]
  • Google takes issue with the jury selection in Oracle vs Android case. [AppleInsider]
  • Sony Ericsson believes their Xperia Play is meeting expectations in spite of dual-core hype. [EuroDroid]
  • Samsung to support VMWare’s Android virtualization push. [ArsTechnica]
  • Evernote updated in the Android Market. New features and enhancements. [Market Link]
  • Official SBF 4.5.602 released for the Motorola Droid X. [MyDroidWorld]
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