Vonage Extensions App Brings Free International Calling to Android Handsets


You know that Vonage commercial with the Japanese rock group touring around the United States playing for some bumpkins in the middle of nowhere? Now that can be you, too, Android users. Vonage has released their Extensions app enabling free VoIP calling to international locations without the need to sign up for additional service beyond your in-home Vonage plan. Unlike similar apps already in the Market app that offer discounted calls, the calling might be free but the plan certainly isn’t. For existing Vonage subscribers the app will surely be appreciated, but for others you may want to investigate further before signing up for a plan.

Android Market Link: Vonage

[via Engadget]

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  1. I had such a HORRIFIC customer service issue with them (8-10 years ago), that I cannot even bring myself to read the terms of their offer.

    For those considering using that company, make sure you clarify with them the process of stopping their service should you find yourself dissatisfied. I literally (and yes, I know what that word means) could not talk to anyone who would cancel my service or instruct me how to do so, or point to such instructions. I finally had to stop payment and wait for them to come to me and tell them: “not paying now or ever, go away.”

    I generally can bring myself to forgive corporations that do stupid things, but this really was “beyond the pale.” I think there was eventually a class action suit and a settlement, etc., so I imagine that things HAVE changed, but I have such visceral distaste for them from my experience that the mere sight of their name on a website I love causes me to “pen” this rant. Buyer BEWARE…


  2. I’ve had Vonage when I lived in Canada and now that I live in the US. Call quality & Customer service have been top notch. I call back home to Canada plenty and never have any issues. Voicemail Transcription can sometimes be WAY off track, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

    Hooray for Android app that allows me to dial my international contacts directly from my SGS without incurring LD fees from my carrier.

  3. Just dumped Vonage. They nickle and dime you to death. More for the fees then the plan. I have had VOIPo and they are great. They also have SIP calling for free. Free calling in North America and 60min worldwide for 6.21month.

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