Google Beginning to Roll Out Android 2.3.6 to Nexus S (Voice Search Bug Fix)


Looks like this dark, ugly chapter in the Nexus S novel is finally coming to an end. The voice search bug we first reported on (that would erroneously activate the application intermittently while the user is using other apps) frustrated a lot of users, but Google finally promised a fix would be here soon.

Well, it’s Friday and Google has mentioned that the update is now rolling out. All users won’t see it right away, of course, as some carriers will have to test and approve it first (this one’s actually coming in the form of a minor Android OS update 2.3.6).

Some Canadian users who have the device through their carrier are also beginning to receive it, but no word on other regions. Look for Android 2.3.6. Baseband I9020AUCKF1. Build Number GRK39C. [Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The update is for Sprint Nexus S only right?

    1. Nope it’s for the original Nexus S. If you click the source link you can see people who have commented that have received the update. One person is on Telus, so it’s not the Sprint version.

      1. Well I doubt this is for T-Mobile Nexus S’ since that’s what I got and am on version 2.3.4 which is the most current version

        1. I agree, I’m also on 2.3.4 so are we getting bumped up to 2.3.6 or getting left behind? Come on Google, FLAGSHIP phone here, hook us up with some kind of update. I feel like it’s been forever since my phone changed

          1. Ok well i just went through the motions and went to ‘About Phone” clicked on Software Update’ and it said my system is currently up to date and it’s on 2.3.4.. not sure how you have 2.3.5 but lucky you I guess ;)

            Sorry was replying to B2L and Dario

        2. Actually no, 2.3.5 is the most recent one, or not anymore, but still.
          This is for all users, you just have to wait, didn’t you read the article?

        3. I have the T-Mobile version and you aren’t on the most current version of software. I’m running 2.3.5 on my Nexus S.

        4. I expect this is rolling out to the Band IV (T-Mobile) version, as well. I have seen reports of the problem on both the Band II and IV versions of the phone, and I believe both actually use same OS image.

        5. I got the Sprint Nexus S and it came with 2.3.5

  2. It wasn’t that bad. I know 5 people with the Nexus S and not one has said that they have this bug. Knowing 5 people with this phone is a lot seeing as I only know of one other person when the Nexus One had came out.

  3. Nice that google decided to release this separately instead of waiting till they can upgrade Nexus S’ to ICS

  4. I just got the 2.3.6 update, and I am with Fido in Canada :) Any idea how to know what has changed?

    1. No search bug, but the trade off is that your tethering no longer works! Almost there, Google, now just make both of them work at the same time ;)

      Here’s the link if you need proof: http://www.google.ru/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/thread?tid=40c04d2a1b697f1a&hl=en

  5. If its nexus google should just push it out. Isn’t that the whole point of a nexus phone to eliminate the carrier from tampering with the os?

  6. I’m on Telus and installed the update and now wifi tethering is busted. I didn’t even have the voice search bug to begin with. Not impressed. I just hope this is a bug and not an intentional downgrade. If this was intentional I will be getting rid of this phone ASAP.

    My copy/paste cursors also seem to be messed up, as well.

  7. I also forgot to mention that Gmail seemed to get some added features. I can’t remember what they are… Heh.

  8. What a Gong Show.

    I’m on Telus. My Nexus S has been virtually unusable at times due to the voice search bug. I’ve been waiting for a fix for over 4 months.

    Not only does 2.3.6 *NOT* fix the voice search bug, but now it has broken my Wifi tethering.

    Thanks for nothing Google. My phone is now more broken than before the update.

  9. My Nexus S has been doing the phantom “voice search” frequently since May, when Google publicly acknowledged the issue. Now it is September, they have finally pushed a “fix”, and the problem is just as bad as ever. Not only that, but WiFi tethering no longer works.

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