Toshiba’s AT200 Tablet Announced: 10.1-inch Display, Only 7.7mm Thick


As expected, Toshiba has taken the wraps off of their latest Android tablet offering, the Honeycomb 3.2, 10.1-inch AT200. Measuing in at a mere 7.7mm thick, the Toshiba AT200 comes in as one of the thinnest Honeycomb slates yet, making even the anorexic Galaxy Tab 10.1 look like a whale. Tucked within the tablet is a 1.2GHz TI OMAP 4430 CPU, 5MP and 2MP cameras, and up to 64GB of on-board storage. The new Toshiba offering is decked out with microUSB, microHDMI, and microSD support.

We admit the AT200 tag isn’t quite as exciting as the Toshiba Excite branding rumored for the new tablet, but there is still time for the marketing department to slap the name on it before it ships. Even if Excite misses the mark, we still suspect a new name for the slate by the time it comes to market.

Toshiba unveils its world-class, ultra-thin, ultra-light tablet

Toshiba AT200 tablet built to exceed expectations at only 7.7mm thin and 558g with full 10.1″ screen

Neuss, Germany, 1st

September 2011 – Toshiba Europe GmbH unveiled an exciting new product today – the ultra-thin 25.7cm (10.1”) AT200 tablet. Despite measuring only 7.7mm from front to back, the Toshiba AT200 delivers a broad range of essential ports and interfaces. It offers an amazing wide-view display for comfortable content consumption plus full web browsing capabilities to meet the preferred usage for tablets. Every bit as powerful as it is stylish and robust, this tablet is built to exceed expectations. The Toshiba AT200 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011 in Europe.

Ultra-thin, ultra-powerful

“The new ultra-thin 25.7cm (10.1″) tablet Toshiba AT200, featuring Android™ 3.2, Honeycomb, is the latest in a long line of Toshiba products that are masterfully engineered”, said Marco Perino, General Manager DS Digital Products Division. “With a thickness of only 7.7mm and a weight of just 558g, the elegant Toshiba AT200 is highly mobile yet extremely smart and powerful.”

All essentials on-board

To connect with other devices the ultra-slim tablet comes with all essential interfaces and ports onboard: amongst them micro-USB, micro-SD, Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth®. The micro-HDMI ®-port allows streaming HD content to the large screen of a TV. Front and back HD cameras are ideal for video conferencing and augmented reality applications.

High-quality media consumption – no matter where you are

The Toshiba AT200 allows users to enjoy videos at home and while out and about. It features a brilliant 25.7cm (10.1″) high-definition screen that displays pictures with crisp colours and in full detail.

Despite being ultra-thin, it allows up to eight hours of video consumption.

Sound quality at its best

To complement the first-class video capabilities the new Toshiba tablet with stereo speakers allows for a high quality sound playback. The Adaptive Sound Device Enhancer’s sophisticated algorithm maximises sound quality to achieve a quality that normally only can be found with large speakers. Plus, a technology called Sound Masking Equalizer identifies and enhances sound that is being masked or distorted by surrounding noise. The result is a well- balanced, powerful playback of music and video sounds even under high ambient noise levels.

Endless usage possibilities

Toshiba’s new tablet also offers a rich web browsing experience including support of Adobe® Flash® Player, access to more than 250,000 apps on Android Market™ and Toshiba Places for endless possibilities.

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  1. This tablet looks pure beautiful. Best tablet I’ve seen so far. I just hope it does get released Q4 and not get delayed. How good is the OMAP 4 for video decoding? The Tegra 2 was pants.

    1. Pants=Good?

      1. Oops, sorry. Pants = Not Good at all.

      2. this is what i was wondering. id think pants would be good

        1. May be it’s a UK thing but never heard it in the context of it being a good thing (


          I think it’s British. Will start using it personally.

    2. I read that OMAP 4 is great at video decoding. Pretty much the main thing I am looking for in a tablet. I might get stuck the a tegra 2 though depending on release of these.

      1. OMAP4 is good ish. That’s why Netflix chose TI as their chipset OEM of choice for HD rendering.

      2. I will have to wait to read journalist reviews and even consumer reviews before buying as this video playback is the main reason for tablet for me. I need something that can play pretty much anything you throw at it without needing to faff around with re-encoding. If it’s as good as my SGS2 then I’d be happy.

  2. Thin and pretty is great, but what’s the price point? If this thing is $700 too it’s going to go nowhere fast. If we can learn anything from the Touchpad the only way you’re going to become a major player is to find a way to make the price desirable to the average person, even if it means being a little thicker.

  3. Great looking tablet. Price point needs to be the factor as always. Is the CPU dual core?

    1. I’m pretty sure all of the OMAP 4 Platforms are Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9.

  4. 7.7mm is way too thin! Do they want us to break it? Even tab 10.1 with 8.6mm felt very thin to me. I think this race for thin tablet has gone too far.

    1. I’d agree but surely is down to build quality too. The Tab 10.1 was mostly plastic as I read. This has a metal brushed aluminium back which sounds a lot stronger. Therefore, the fact it’s 0.9mm thinner doesn’t necessarily imply it’s weaker. I’m sure time will tell but for now it’s the tablet I’m going to be buying if it is priced right. I think anything at or less than £350 ($570) is a good price. How someone can think a tablet like this would ever really come down to $350 is beyond me. Even at the product’s end of life, I doubt very much it’ll be sold for that cheap. HP only sold their TouchPad dirt cheap because they were giving up on WebOS completely.

  5. I am liking these tabs coming out with something other than Tegra. A battery life round up is needed for sure. I wish the Galaxy series had the USB, HDMI, and microSD slots like other players do.

  6. Once again, another tablet, with good over-all specs. I want it. I do not want to spend more than $350 on it though. With an Evo, and a Laptop, I jut cant justify more than that. Even at $350, I would still wait until something cheaper came out. I think at 250, and 300, they would sell like hotcakes.

    1. well, I also agree that the sweet spot should also be around 300-400, maybe 500 if its bleeding edge, aka quad core.

      Once competition picks up, and tablets are more mainstream, the prices will drop, right now we have to keep paying the early adopter premiums

  7. No way this thing comes in under 500. That’s the problem as I see it so far with Android tabs. If it’s worth anything they want too much for it. The affordable ones are glorified phones. We will see I guess. Not holding my breath. Still waiting for a truly powerful, truly affordable tablet.

    1. You’ll never see one with that way of thinking. Because like you said…if it’s truly powerful they’ll want too much for it, if it’s truly affordable then it’ll be a glorified phone. But we can dream right?

    2. Look at the Viewsonic GTablet. I got one really cheap (>$250) from You can root it very easily, get CM7, and enjoy until you find a tablet you really love. That is what I did. Downsides on the GTab are no GPS, limited viewing angle for the screen, 6 months old. It is a dual core, 10.1 tablet that you can run the latest software on. I don’t need a tablet until I find one that I lust for….

  8. No US release schedule?

  9. Beautiful

    1. i heard there’s no such thing as you . . .

  10. Your not allowed to build a thin tablet, apple had a patent on thinness don’t they?;-)

  11. A bit thicker & with a bigger battery life would be better.

  12. If this comes out at $500, why would I buy it if I haven’t already caved and bought the Samsung? Seriously, the $500 tablet demographic well is dry.Offer a 1080p 10.1 with quad core and you’ll get some interest, but “slightly thinner than the tab” doth not make a tingle up mine leg.

  13. The only thing attracting me to Tablets is Tegra. Seeing as this doesn’t have Tegra, I’m not interested.

  14. WOW this thing is sweet! Jealous of you over in Europe getting this before the holidays.
    Toshiba would be NUTS not to get this out to the US in time for the holidays.
    Maybe because our dollar sucks ass right now so companies arent leaping to get products to the US.
    A few more years and we will be Europe and China’s bitch.
    The fall of the US.

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