Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Super AMOLED Plus Display


Samsung has finally unpacked (see what I did there?) their IFA announcements, culminating with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Following the naming scheme establish by other Galaxy Tab devices, the latest edition to the family features a 7.7-inch, 1280×800 display. Just as rumors initially suggested, it features the same beautiful Super AMOLED Plus technology deployed in the Galaxy S II. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is powered by a Samsung-crafted dual-core 1.4GHz processor and gets dual cameras at 3MP (rear) and 2MP (front), HSPA+, and internal storage ranging from 16GB to 64GB.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 will ship with Android 3.2 and Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UX interface. Just like its bigger brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Tab 7.7 looks to impress with a slim 7.89mm profile. Release details haven’t been made public at this time.

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  1. perfect

  2. This is the real tablet winner!!!

  3. been waiting for this, held out on the playbook for android. this will go so great with my sgs2.

  4. yep – perfect is right. .75 lbs is indeed the perfect weight for a tablet. hopefully the wifi version isn’t more than $399

  5. This is the one i was really waiting for. i knew a 10.1 tablet was too much for me…. miss my old galaxy tab. and looking forward to this one!!!! c’mon tmo version!

  6. I’ll bet by the time the U.S gets their customized version, the default voice calling feature would have been stripped out at the behest of the carriers. Still rocking my Galaxy Tab 7 (and will be for a while to come, best form factor), and just hope that the fine folks at XDA can use this to better port HC to the O.G Tab 7″.

  7. If it does come with Exynos then this will be a good Tablet as we’ll finally get decent video playback. If it’s Tegra 2 then it’s just rubbish.

    1. Nah, there won’t be any Tegra 2 versions with 1.4 Ghz, this is definately Samsung’s own creation, Nvidia may be the king of the GPU market on PC’s, but not on phones.

      1. Well this is the first HC tablet with a non-Tegra2 chip that I’ve come across. If this tablet isn’t released soon, then official news of new tablets with ICS and/or quad core chips will be announced and thus sales will be impacted. For Samsung’s sake, this should really be available to buy ASAP.

      2. Who needs Tegra 2 with CF3D mod???!!!

  8. you know samsung will pwn when they can have their s-amoled+ at higher res and screen size.

  9. My interest is peaked. I have been looking for a tab that doesn’t use Tegra 2. I just won an iPad from a contest at work. Plan is to sell that piece of Apple garbage and get a nice Android tablet. Right now the pickings are slim. I want awesome battery life and something other than Tegra 2. Is that too much to ask? Wifi only, micro USB, HDMI, and microSD slot too please!!

    1. Keep an eye on that new Toshiba…though I dunno about it being Wifi only…and it’s got micro HDMI dunno if that’d be a problem, and I dunno aboot battery life either.

      But it has most of the other stuff you mentioned, or at least it will.

    2. My interest is piqued and has yet to peak.

  10. I’m most excited about the 64gb internal storage. We’ve been stuck at 16/32 for long enough…

  11. just too good to be true…justtt love it…..super amoled plus with its 7.7 inch goodness…samsung FTW

  12. I wonder what the battery life is like. If they’re not making it any thicker, then that’s less space for battery. Still, this thing should totally p0wn the Playbook.

    I’m still not wild about any of Samsung’s Android customizations, including what they’ve done with Honeycomb.

  13. While the specs on this are delicious (seriously that display is mouth watering), I think I am going to hold off. For the longest time I was very close to walking into a store and picking up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 because what what I actually liked it when I played with it at Best Buy. However, after getting my fire-sale HP Touchpad, I was actually disappointed the next time I played with the Tab.

    While its form factor is amazing, I was really turned off by Honeycomb. I understand that Android has a ton of more useful apps and functionality, but I feel HP (well palm) truly made something special with WebOS. Everything from web browsing to how I moved between apps, felt way more natural and smooth on my Touchpad. While I may be alone in this, I think I’m going to wait for Google to polish up Honeycomb more before I consider buying an Android Tablet, that or at least wait for the Galaxy Note to come out.

    Check out my tech blog: Broke Man’s Tech (Google search it please, sorry but Phandroid does not allow me to post the link).

  14. I love the specs of this tablet. Looks great too and it actually has an aluminum back. I just hope that Samsung price it right.

    Though with the tablet market getting bigger all the time, they will have to price it reasonably anyway. I think the Tab 8.9 and 10.1 were priced ok though, so hopefully this is too, so I can buy it.

  15. Well… if the rumors are true…
    $750 in US for Galaxy Tab 7.7 at end of this year… the Galaxy Note will be subsided in US by carriers in November.

    I started to save since now…

  16. Will work as a phone?? it has the proper holes in it. I would use as a phone.. Ow and it’s so sleek

  17. I’m liking this more than the 8.9 model. While I like the 10.1 model, it a bit big for me to consider taking it with me everywhere. And the 8.9, while awesome, is still a bit big and has the same plastic back as the 10.1. I’ve always liked the 7 inch form factor of the Playbook, Iconia A100, and Streak 7…an extra 0.7 inches couldn’t hurt, and I’m loving that brushed aluminum case.

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