Sprint Playbook Reveals New Devices, Fees and Programs – Outs HTC Holiday Launch Date?


Looks like “Change is the name of the game” for Sprint moving forward and with that comes a handful of policy changes and fee increases. In an effort to keep customers from walking away onto rival carriers, Sprint is attempting to make it less attractive for those trying to get out of their contracts early. Yesterday, we reported on the rumored increase of Early Termination Fees that will only be affecting new customers starting September 9th and this latest leak confirms that. Gone is the old $200 ETF which will now be replaced by the $350 penalty for breaking your contract early. Keep in mind, Sprint will still prorate your ETF by shrinking the penalty the closer you get to the end of your term.

I don’t see a problem with Sprint trying to protect themselves when it comes to ETF’s but this new increase on their “Upgrade Fees” definitely raised my eyebrow. Effective Sept. 9th, Sprint will also be increasing their “Upgrade Fees” from $18 to $36. What’s strange is I’m pretty sure I was already being charged this here in Cali (not sure if it was different in other regions?). Upgrade fee’s are usually pretty easily waived if you buy from certain retailers, sweet talk a Sprint rep or buy your device on Sprint.com.


Starting October 2nd, Sprint will be eliminating their 1-year contract option from their list of plans they currently offer. I honestly didn’t even know they offered 1-year plans being a 2-year subscriber myself. Switching to this “Sprint Rewards Me PLUS” program, this is specifically for Sprint employees and doesn’t have anything to do with Sprint customers (I knew it sounded too good to be true). Bummer. Thanks, _epic!

Moving on, it looks like Sprint is anticipating a September launch for the upcoming HTC Holiday (Raider). I don’t imagine they have any kind of inside info on the device and more than likely, they’ve just been keeping up to date on Phandroid with all the rumors and leaks. So, I would take this with a grain of salt.

Last but not least, (okay — maybe least) is the next Android handset from Kyocera dubbed the Milano. This device will fit snugly into Sprint’s line of mid-range devices featuring a single 3-inch screen, Android 2.3, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM/ROM and a cheap $50 price tag.

Alright, so that just about sums it up for “the new Sprint.” We’ve seen gobs of new plans, fees and policies from just about every other carrier this year and it seems Sprint will be no different. Any of the news here make you wary about jumping onto Sprint this year? Pound for pound, I still feel like Sprint is the best option when it comes to pricing, premium handsets and service (if you have it in your area). But make no mistake — with all these new changes, I’m keeping a close eye on you, Sprint…

[Via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I still love Sprint, they know how to do things and seem to definitely be headed in the right direction right now (: (I’ve never paid the upgrade fee, Best Buy ftw?)

    1. Best Buy always charges me the upgrade fee! >:/

    2. You probably have some sort of discount on your plan which waive the fee. Credit Union or AAA members are the most common discounts that waive any set up/upgrade fee. :]

      1. AAA you say………………….. *scratching chin*

  2. I am very interested in the Rewards Me thing. I hope it doesn’t cost too much money.

    If the catch of it is too much, I may end up with AT&T.

  3. Sprint Rewards Me Plus is for preferred retailer employees to get a new phone every 6 months at upgrade pricing. This has nothing to do with Sprint customers.

    1. Um and how do you know this Sprint Rewards Me Plus or whatever isn’t for sprint customers?

      1. Sprint rewards me is a sales/commission tool paid for by manufacturers. Sprint employees get them and they require a vendor ID.

  4. The ETF price inscrease is a bummer, but at least they’re not changing their unlimited data plan YET. *knock on wood*

  5. So is this how current Sprint customers can waive there ETF’s by canceling between 09/09 -10/09? I thought I read that somewhere?

    1. No, it’s from an increase in regulatory charges. Call Sprint and speak to retentions. Tell them you don’t agree with them messing with your contract (increasing fees) and you can get out. If you want to, that is…

  6. Just what Sprint needs…higher fees. I’m sure that will attract plenty of customers.

  7. So, can someone please explain this upgrade fee? How does sprint differ from other carriers in terms of upgrading?

    1. Sprint charges 36, T-Mobile and ATT both charge 18, Ive never had Verizon so I don’t know what they charge, I think it might be 36 also…

  8. 1) so even for those that are 10+ years with Sprint they’re going to get rid of the 1yr upgrade? That was one of the perks of staying with sprint. now all they have is unlimited data.
    2) The “Sprint Rewards Me Plus” at 238 bucks every six months is way too pricey for me….especially since they don’t have 4g in my area.
    3) They’re not bringing out phones with WiMax AND LTE…. Clearwire is switching to LTE plus they bought into LightSquared. So WiMax will not be expanding thus my EVO 4G is really a EVO 3G. The new Samsung Galaxy II is tempting, but for all the areas I live and travel in, it will only be a 3g phone.

  9. I honestly for the life of me cant figure out why people like Sprint, I guess I understand the whole unlimited data thing, but its kind of over rated, most people wont pass their GB allotment anyway. Their 4G is pretty much nowhere, even where it is it cant penetrate walls well and its slow as molasses. The phones are close to terrible (Kyocera Echo? Seriously?) or late to the game (Evo Shift, Nexus S “4G”), then maybe you could like the plans, but whats the point of paying less and clearly getting an inferior product? Everyone I know with an EVO carries around like 7 batteries because its always dying, they all complain about their “4G” and the coverage isnt really anything to write home about. I have been trying to like them so that I can get rid of AT&T, they just make it so hard to like them…

    1. call me crazy but i like sprint because it actually works. no dropped calls like all my at&t friends.

      1. I will call you crazy, or maybe I’m crazy for leaving Sprint because of their dropped calls. I routinely wouldnt have service where all of my friends with T-Mo and Verizon got service. Now i have AT&T for a personal phone and although the iPhone is a nice complement to my Android Device, I really wont even pretend like AT&T is something I would recommend. I’m waiting on the Prime to switch to Verizon.

        1. yes.. you are the crazy one. in all fairness it depends on where you’re at. in my area sprint barely drops a call..

    2. In my area ATT has exactly zero coverage. None. I had to switch to Sprint. I drive truck for a living and depend on my phone/coverage. Could care less about 4g. The 3g speeds are fast enough for being mobile. I’d take my EVO3d I just ordered over any phone ATT has to offer. But that’s my opinion. Coverage in Ohio and surrounding states works great. Not having any over charges and fees for every little thing is great. My bill is my bill every month. I never worry about minutes or data usage. That alone makes it worth it to me.

    3. For me it’s their phones. First the Evo, then Evo 3d, now first in the usa with the galaxy s ii.

  10. I work for a preferred retailer. And we already have Sprint Rewards Me. It pays us for certain devices we sell.

  11. Shucks, I was hoping this post would mention the Nexus Prime. While I would love to run and pick up the Epic 4G Touch when it came out on the 16th, I really want to wait until the Prime comes out. I feel I would be able to get the same if not better hardware while being guaranteed instant updates. The waiting continues.

    Check out my tech blog: Broke Man’s Tech

    1. The Prime isn’t going to be a nexus phone so no instant updates.it’s the droid prime now not nexus prime. Sucks.

      1. Sorry I was actually talking about the actual Nexus Prime. While Verizon is doing the Droid Prime, it isn’t the next rumored flagship phone

  12. I want to know what it is you get for that $36. It’s thievery no matter how you look at it. But one thing I’d like to point out to Verizon, do you see the price of that sgs2? $199 on a 2 yr contact, not $300, not $250 but $199. Why does Verizon charge so much for their 4g phones. I know they have that lte chip in them but come on.

    I will stock with att. I get great coverage in my area and get descent discounts. I still want to know what that $36 gets you. In a cali truck stop I bet you can get more out of it than what your getting from sprint. I’m just sayin.

  13. I’ve been happy with Sprint up until now. First they took away my ability to upgrade annually, now I have to pay more for the privilege? Not to mention there isn’t 4G coverage where I live in Lansing, MI. I called the Customer Service group and they said Lansing would go 4G “very soon”. Sadly, they wouldn’t give me an ETA. My contract is up in November, so, let the comparison’s begin! Good bye Sprint. It’s been good but Verizon is already 4G here in Lansing.

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