DROID Bionic Shows Up In Verizon Equipment Guide With Sept. 8th Launch Date



In one of the most leaked handsets in recent memory, the Motorola Droid Bionic’s Sept 8th launch date shows up once again, this time in an internal Verizon Equipment Guide. The equipment guide also lists a number of specs and reports from Verizon employees are saying a bevy of accessories have already begun to arrive in-store. I know it’s been a long time coming but even I would find it difficult to not drop a few bills on this device (and I’m not even on Verizon) when it launches next Thursday. How about you guys?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. How convenient. Nice way to try to make sure its out one day ahead of the GS2

  2. I was going to get this phone since January. My plans have changed and I will now get the nexus/ droid prime.

  3. The 8th cannot come soon enough. My droid is struggling worse than 50 cents last album.

    1. hahaha…good one

    2. Haha nice. My Chocolate is on it’s last limb as well. I have no idea why I even bothered buying this thing, should’ve gone smartphone instead. But the data plan was (and still is) too much for me, but now that I can see why I would want it, I’m soooo going for this phone. I’ll eat that $30 a month for a great device.

    3. Wah hah

  4. Sorry but this phone just doesn’t interest me anymore; It’s too little too late. I’m waiting to see what else is on the table. I’m getting a little tired of Verizon’s lack of a strong OPEN lineup. All these locked devices and bootloaders are making me want to switch to Sprint.

  5. I’ll be getting is as long as the Costco deal is true.

  6. I’m numb to the Bionic. It’s like waiting too long for a date to get ready. The excitement is there but I’m already tired (of waiting). The Prime is sounding better. It’ll be worth waiting a month or two at this point. Unless the Bionic is truly amazing. Moto and VZW should have send out handsets to every reviewer possible to keep the public lit up. Oops…

  7. I don’t care about this phone! Its taken so long to finally get it out to where it is and its not even available yet. I don’t see what is so great about it anyway.

  8. I more than likely would have got this phone but now 4.5+ looks much better.

  9. My brain swims: Droid Bionic, sure but will it still be viable? Droid Prime, Sweet! but Nexus…not sure anymore. iPhone 5? ok, but a rehash or brand new crap? dunno, Apple says nada. ever. But need to upgrade (or downgrade??) my Moto Droid soon so I gotta choose.

  10. They took too long. Now I’m waiting for the Samsung Droid prime.

  11. Sweet goodness! Can’t wait!

  12. Isn’t the 8th the same day the Samsung Slider is supposed to be released??

    What happened to that device, there’s been not a word since last month?

  13. …..ZZZZzzzzzzz (dreaming of Droid Prime)

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