Aug 31st, 2011

The folks at Comscore just put together some numbers regarding US smartphone market share. Their data was gathered from May 2011 though July 2011 – not exactly your traditional quarterly report but could be taken just the same. Of all smartphones here, Android was on 41.8% of them. This is compared to a 36.4% Android enjoyed last month which is still quite impressive.

I should note that these are not sales for the quarter, but overall market share, meaning that out of the 82.2 million smartphone subscribers in America, 34.3 million of them run Android.

Taking a look at other platforms, iPhone is still kicking with 27% of the market share, an increase of 1% since April 2011. Some may attribute Apple’s stagnant growth in the US due to an expected announcement of the iPhone 5, but one can only use that excuse so much.

They said the same thing about the iPhone 4 when it debuted both on Verizon and AT&T (whose respective launches were quite a few months apart) and Apple continued to struggled to grow in market share up against Android.

RIM surprisingly still has 21.7% of the US share, though this is down from 25.7% in April. We’ve also got Microsoft apparently failing to break into the market share here with 5.7%, which is actually down from 6.7%. 4.6 million devices is a lot more than most people think Microsoft is doing.

Finally we have Symbian which never seemed to gain traction here in the US and, not surprisingly, is down from 2.4% in April giving it 1.9% of the share this quarter. Android’s got a big quarter coming up, phone-wise (doesn’t it always?) so it’ll be rather interesting to see how these numbers look once a new breed of phones heads out to store shelves for the holiday season.