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Samsung Sells One Galaxy S2 Every 1.5 Seconds, 5 Million After 85 Days

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  1. I don’t understand, today is the 30th.

    1. Thats the original image from the event announcement. It was supposed to be the 29th, but because of the hurricane (event is in New York City) it was postponed until the 30th (today).

  2. It’s about to start! :D

  3. 10,9.8,…3,2,1 Happy Galaxy S 2!!! lol cant wait to see the details.

  4. its time isnt it? still off air.

      1. now it says 6:30 et

  5. uhhhh… do I gotta put quarters in this???… where’s the feed???…

  6. Dang, they just wanna keep dragging this out. Let’s do this!!

  7. this is quite un grandiose

  8. Did that retard just say “earthquakes, hurricanes, who says samsung cant build up a product launch”?

    Two things… You’re laughing at a good portion of the eastern seaboard being under water and dealing with losing a great deal of personal possessions?

    Secondly, with the death toll still rising, is Samsung taking the blame for innocent peoples death since theyre alluding to the fact they are responsible for the hurricane?

    [moderated] YOU SAMSUNG MARKET GUY!

    1. Some people really can’t allow for any humor. Geez, don’t get so outraged over a joke….

  9. I am disappointed!!! I am waiting for either the iPhone 5 or Nexus Prime for AT&T!

  10. Did I miss it???

  11. ok this thing is today right.??

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