Klipsch Image S4A for Android Headphones Will Put Premium Sound in Your Ears


Word around the block is that Klipsch makes some pretty good headphones. The $100 Image S4 series is said to be comparable to top-of-the-line headphones, but previously they only fully supported iOS devices. You could still listen to music, but the in-line controller didn’t work in most cases. Thankfully, they’ve introduced a pair of Image S4 headphones – model number S4A – specifically for Android.  No difference, really – amazing sound, functional inline remote and great design for maximum comfort. Ships sometime soon. [Engadget, Thanks Jdog!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m actually really excited for these. I’m switching to Android soon and a good functional pair of headphones are essential to me.

    1. Yeah I have the originals and they are pretty great unless your someone who breaks your headphones a lot then you might want to stay away.

  2. I have the regular s4’s, awesome sound. well worth the $80 they were going for

  3. I have a pair of Klipsch headphones and they are well worth the money… Although the inline remote does not work on my Android…(I never used it anyways) The Oval shaped ear pieces fit very comfortably and does not pinch like some. A+ Headset

  4. Looks like I’ll have to pick these up. Using these with Voodoo sound will be awesome. :)

    1. Just though the same, I’ll probably get these ones, or the Brainwavz m2.

  5. I’m sorry, I just can’t see paying that much for ear buds.

    1. For a good pair that’s actually pretty cheap. Most high quality headphones are going to cost you between $200-$400.

      These aren’t your typical Skullcandy headphones, or something that will break a couple weeks after using them.

    2. I just bought some budget earbuds, and guess how much they cost?
      150$, why are you complaining?

    3. I guess one or more of these is true:
      * you are not an audiophile
      * you don’t listen to music on your phone (you just use for talking)
      * you don’t see the cost/benefit of premium brand

      1. * you break a lot of headphones

        My friend falls in this category he breaks his a lot while running, I told him about the originals but then I told him to stick with cheap ones instead.

  6. All I want is a little extension that has a play-pause button so I can pause what I’m listening to without either unlocking the screen, navigating to the app and pause button then pushing pause or yanking out the headphones.

    A dedicated media volume switch would be nice, too.

    Does this exist??

    1. It’s as easy as rooting your device. Or using a music app like Playerpro, which will allow you to put the controls on your lockscreen.

      1. I liked Winamp’s lock screen controls. Google Music has all my songs, though.

        So no one knows of a plug with buttons?

  7. I’ll agree with others here. I have the regular S4’s without the inline control. They’re 20 bucks cheaper and sound amazing. Just remember, they’ll sound different depending on the device you are using. My little Sansa Clip mp3 player has better highs than my Evo 3d but much less bass.

  8. Unfortunately I bought a pair of these and they didn’t sound that great because they didn’t fit my ears quite right. Returned them and got a pair of Sony’s, which fit much more comfortably and thus sound far better. A lot of people don’t realize how important a proper fit is when you’re selecting in ear buds.

    1. With all those different size adapters they give you and they didn’t fit still? I’m not trolling…just saying wow…hard to believe. I’m not doubting you, but I guess it is true as they say; that you can’t always please everybody. You are the Exception….not the Rule…or you work for Sony.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. For me the stock ones fit great but they came with both smaller and larger ear buds. The oval shape is clutch, fits the ear so you can’t feel them. Talk about noise isolation, you can’t hear anything other than the music.

  9. S4s have good sound? Yikes. These things are terrible if they are anything like the S4is. There are MUCH better headphones for under 100 bucks. Brainwavz M3, Brainwavz M2, Soundmagic e30, Fischer Eterna V2s, Monster Turbine, Phonak Audeo PFE 012…etc. Head over to to know how overrated the S4 line is. 2 years ago when they first came out they were decent…now they have been surpassed by a bunch of manufacturers. They can’t even compete with 50 dollar headphones when it comes to sound really.

    1. Yeah well that is all good, but until some of those that you are recommending also include full Android remote support they are not better. My point is that you can’t say the S4 sucks because there is something that sounds better. For most people the S4 sound great. And the important thing here too is the full remote functionality that has never been done before for Android.

  10. I love my S4’s :) Honestly, if you dont like the sound, they either didnt fit right, or your just not a fan of the flat sound signature. I mean, Cnet RAVES over them, and they’re extremely clear. Can be tough to fit sometimes, but much easier than the old Custom2’s

    1. Isn’t there a way to stop spammers from posting??? Perhaps using a Captcha.

      1. Moderator Roze here. We can by doing IP blocks but that would mean blocking any members that use the same IP. This is something we prefer not to do. We do blacklist the username and email. Please continue flagging any spams that you see :)


  11. I have these and LOVE them…

  12. I was JUST thinking about this the other day. Why doesn’t Klipsch make a pair of S4A’s??!! and wouldn’t you know it I saw this today!! I have the i Apple pair and they sound amazing. If you like strong lows and a lot of bass these are great. My wife gets them for her iPhone. THANKS KLIPSCH.

  13. oh…They should have thrown some green accents on there:)

  14. Klipsch sound great but be aware of copyes!

    Only get Klipsch from officiel dealers. There are many copyes out there. I bougth my second pair on Ebay, and they was fake.

    Easy to hear, but nearly impsosible to see!

    The Klipsch cop yclon is made very vell and look great ,but if you compare to the original Klipch you will notice the small difference in package and build.

    Its the same with Gilette shaving blade .

    They look like the original but can not shave!


  16. i’ve got a few pair of S4i and they all sound great. I would love to pick up a pair native to Android

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