New Motorola DROID Bionic Video Appears On YouTube – More In Depth Preview


It was only a few days ago we posted a blurrycam video found on YouTube showing off the Motorola Droid Bionic booting up, powering on and giving us a rough preview of the device’s 4G LTE speeds. Not only that, the video showed us a little bit of the new Motoblur UI and I have to say, we were pretty impressed (yes, I said it). Well, today we have another new video for you guys, this time showcasing the Droid Bionic and even a minor bug the uploader discovered. Think of this as a more in depth preview giving you a better idea on what to expect from the Bionic before it hits Verizon and “destroys all machines” on Sept 8th.

So what did you guys think? Is Motoblur’s new looks beginning to grow on you? I couldn’t believe how fast and smooth this device was running. I know, in a perfect world we’d love to have our beloved Android OS as untouched as a Disney starlet but it seems we may have to wait for the Nexus Prime to come save us with Ice Cream Sandwhich.

Chris Chavez
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  1. SMOOOOOOOTH…. Very very sexy

    1. Agreed! If this is the new Motoblur than I’m a believer! :D

      1. We can say that it is better than sense because sense consume a lot of battery unlike this new blur along with pentile.

      2. Its a memory hog. But it is 104866493857670705847393045% better then it was

    2. All i have to say owwww that new blur looks so nice

  2. Doesn’t look like PenTile to me in that video, almost looked too good to be PenTile.. but we’ll see, chances are it’s PenTile anyways.. >_____>

    1. But if it looks that good, who cares if its “pentile”

      1. It’s VERY difficult for video to capture Pentile. Only the naked eye can see it o_O

        1. But my point still stands, if it looks that good, who cares if its “pentile”

          1. and Chris’s point still stands… video masks the ‘flaws’ — you wont see it in the vid, you will see it when you hold it your hand.

    2. each moto upcoming devices they are making the pentile better the worse its on my device droidx2, droid 3 better pentile and droid bionic even a better one

  3. Wow this looks polished as hell until I saw the bug. Overall, it’s pretty nice.

    1. I’m sure they’ll have the bug fixed before release. I’m getting more and more psyched for this thing

      1. moto told us about it. They wanted to make this phone a better experience for us

        1. lol. needed a good laugh for this morning. thx

          1. Lol me too :-)

  4. I caught a boner looking at the video of that sexy beast

  5. The moto droid bionic will rule all machines and maybe all humans jk lol :)

  6. And this in only 3g. Don’t sleep on sprint. There comeing up. Something big is happing with that 4g roll out plan dan heese was takin about

    Speedtest.net Mobile Result
    Test Date: Aug 26, 2011 1:25:54 am
    Connection Type: EvdoA
    Server: San Diego, CA
    Download: 2368 kbps
    Upload: 241 kbps
    Ping: 254 ms

    External IP:
    Internal IP:
    Latitude: 33.33433
    Longitude: -117.31981

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:


  7. i bet that guy had preloaded a lot of those apps. i don’t see em launching that quick (like speedtest) no matter how fast the phone is. just sayin’

    if he held down homekey for app switcher & nothing was in there, i’d believe it, but until then, i guess i’ll have my opinion on it

  8. That bug is gonna bug the hell out of me now when I get this phone.

  9. Eh. Galaxy S II, please.

  10. Why does the Bionic look like it has a qwerty keyboard? It looks similar to the Droid one where the bottom dips out.

  11. I still have mixed feelings about this phone. Fell out of love after the long wait, then got excited again with the imminent release. Beautiful phone, not sure if that is Pentile on the screen but looks great and fast as well. Saw Motoblur and immediately went limp. Wondering if I should wait for the Nexus Prime. Really gettin tired of all of these UI’s (TouchWiz, Sense, MotoBlur)

  12. I didn’t think I would ever, ever say this, but I really like the looks of this version of blur(or whatever they’re calling it this month). From the way the widgets move to the homescreen preview screen layout, I really like the appearance of the UI. I like the looks and widgets in Sense3.0, but it’s a major battery hog compared to AOSP ROMs (and I don’t like the carousel. I’m interested to see how it will perform battery-wise “in real life”, meaning in my hands, and not on a video – as we all know; YMMV.

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