Samsung Mobile USA Shows Off Galaxy S II Email Functionality [VIDEO]


With the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S II for the US only days away, Samsung Mobile USA is ramping up their efforts to promote the handset, giving us a look at some of the features we can expect when the highly-anticipated phone finally launches in the coming weeks. In the above video demonstrating the S II’s email app, it appears the handset being used is simply the international variant and not a retooled US model, so there isn’t a lot to see here that hasn’t been shown off before. Still worth a peek. Oh, and check out a couple teaser images below.

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  1. Nexus Prime is official by Samsung they have even website up


    1. thank god I clicked this article…the article was meh, but your post made the click worthwhile (no offence phandroid, but galaxy S2 doesn’t cut it for me with nPRime around the corner)

      The website doesn’t say a lot though. Looking at the nexus S website:
      The only thing I can see that is different is this line:

      nexus S: GT-I902X
      nexus Prime: GT-I9250
      And that is an obvious change, the model number.

    2. 480×800 ????

      This doesn’t follow with the current rumors…

  2. can’t see how the prime beats the gs2 or is it the pentile hd screen your attracted to.

    1. You can’t see how a dual core 1.5 ghz processor is better?

      1. The Galaxy S II has Samsung’s own BEASTLY EXYNOS cPU. Enough said.

        1. Getting the latest android OS updates first is the biggest reason for me to go Prime. And touchwiz sucks, so sure you can root it, but I am not much of a rooter. So Stock androids > non-stock for me…and the prime is the best stock android by far.

  3. this whole thing (video and pics) don’t really seem geared towards the U.S.A. Either this is all old promotional stuff for the Euro/Asia launch, or someone made a terrible decision to re-use, or create new, this stuff. The guy is using the international version of the phone, and the pics are also the international version. Kinda feel like I just got hand-me-down promo material…

  4. I see two things here with Samsung: First, they are ‘relaxing’ a bit in their communication. This video would never get put out if the company were not loose and confident. Second, Samsung appears to see itself as competing more with Apple than HTC, LG, etc. This expansion of differentiation could be healthy for the Android market space.

  5. Such an awesome phone, imagine the potential the Prime has. I would hope it wouldn’t launch on Verizon alone….

  6. Wow that’s one sexy phone. i wonder what battery life is like. My Nexus S eats battery like hungry dog lol

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