Apps of the Day: Radarscope and A.I.type


There’s this tropical storm headed for New York called “Irene” apparently. She’s said to be bringing 10 inches of cold, cold rain. And you would think those below the ground would have an easier time getting around the city, but that isn’t the case at all. It’ll supposedly flood the subway system as their pump system is inefficient for large quantities (yes, 10 inches is considered large) of rain, meaning subways will probably be too flooded to use. It sucks. But with one of the apps below, you can track all of this and prepare for the worst. Sorry, but a weather app won’t actually allow you to control the weather. We’ll leave that to Haarp. Apps of the day!

Radarscope – For all you budding weatherman out there, you can get your meteorology fix on the go with Radarscope. NEXRAD level 3 radar data allows you to track storm and wind patterns and get live updates on thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods and more – all on your phone. 155 different radar sites are at your disposal and you can play back the 6 most previous radar images in any given area to get a look at patterns and trends of 5-10 minute intervals. I don’t know about you, but I got excited just reading all of that. And it’s $9.99, but it seems to be worth it so give it a shot if you’re into this sort of stuff. [Market]

A.I.type – This is like a really souped up autocorrect keyboard. A.I.type claims to use learning technology so advanced that it will cut your keystrokes down by 75%. It will also apparently learn your language of choice, even if the keyboard doesn’t support that language (though we can’t imagine that’d be so easy for certain languages). Users in the Android market have compared it to Swype, saying it bests the popular swiping-based keyboard based on how easy it is to use and how fast it allows them to type. The beta is free in the market so give it a chance if you’ve got a minute. [Market]

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  1. 99 cents…its $9.99 for radarscope BUT believe me its WORTH EVERY PENNY

  2. Haven’t HAARP said in a long time, thought people forgot bout that system. I tip my hat to you sir, excellent reference.

  3. You missed a major problem with A.I. Type: It sends EVERYTHING you type back to their servers, and becomes nearly useless when you have no data connection. This includes your passwords, any numbers you enter, and other personal information. Better yet, it’s probably not even encrypted. Do not want.

    1. Hmm… In the description it says the keyboard does not collect sensitive data. I mean, when I’m typing my password, the text prediction doesn’t come up.

    2. The keyboard does not send passwords and numbers to the server. In fact, it predicts only on multi-line fields. Transactions to the server are anonymous and the servers do not try to build texts out of them, store it, analyze it or any other unwanted action. As for encryption – it is still under quality tests and will be available soon.

      Noam Rotem

    3. You can just disabled the cloud support if you concern about it(there is a setting for it), the prediction and correction is steal great, and you need no data package.

  4. Yeah. Radarscope is $9.99 and not $0.99. You should update the article.

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