iSpeech Obama and iSpeech Bush Make Novelty Text-to-Speech Applications Interesting [Video]


Ever wanted to hear President Obama praise you for all of the outstanding work you’ve done as an American citizen over the years? Want to recreate one of countless classic George Bush speeches that make absolutely no sense whatsoever? iSpeech Obama and iSpeech Bush will help you do just that.

They are novelty applications, really, as their main purpose is to show off the power of iSpeech’s TTS and ASR engine. With it, developers can enable TTS in their applications and are given full freedom and control over how the voices sound.

I can’t imagine a TTS application like this would draw in a huge crowd if not for the fact that they sound somewhat similar to the two most recent presidents of the United States. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind the same app with others’ voices. (I’m particularly interested to see if anyone will come up with an Ozzy Osbourne rendition. That would be hilarious.

While the voices sound overly-computerized at times, you can tell it’s Obama and Bush. iSpeech provides a developer-friendly SDK with APIs to do almost anything they want with text-to-speech. If you want to consider it for your current or future project, head to their site to get started. If you want to demo these two apps on your PC, go to the Apps section of (Bush, Obama). And if you want the Android applications, you can find the free and paid applications for Obama (here) and Bush (here) in the market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. no offence but the video is crap, perhaps the app itself is good, but the video is very poor

  2. so….. basically its a vocoder?

  3. You should make one that won’t tell you what you tell it. Kinda like how politics is.

  4. It’s using iSpeech text to speech and speech recognition. Actually sounds a lot better in the app than in the video.

  5. if you are looking for some hight quality text to speech try the ivona app.
    or just visit
    they have a demo there

    1. I just checked out your voices.

      The ivona voices are the same quality as the SVOX voices.

      The Acapela voices are coming to Android apps extremely soon, and those voices are the highest quality text to speech voices.

      The Acapela voices are currently available for Android, but those voices currently require the app developers to manually add the voices to their apps. Acapela would have a lot more success if they added their voices to the Android Market.

  6. The Acapela voices also sound better than the iSpeech voices.

  7. i just tried this app and it didn’t work so great for me. word pronunciation is not very good.. perhaps i’m just not so great at phonetic spelling

  8. Or maybe you could try one of the Obama speeches that make no sense whatsoever…

    1. Can you make Obama tell the truth with this?

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