Apple Manipulating Evidence in Case Against Samsung Again [Galaxy S is Same Size as iPhone?]


Apple’s back in court manipulating evidence again, it seems. After being accused of manipulating evidence when it was found that they made the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 appear to have a 4:3 aspect ratio when it really had a 16:9 aspect ratio, Apple decided to bring their awesome photoshop skills to the phone side.

In recent evidence submitted by Apple to a Dutch court, Apple is purporting that the Galaxy S is the same height and roughly the same width as the iPhone. We all know that this is not the case. The iPhone has a 3.5 inch display compared to the Galaxy S’s and the Galaxy S is about 7 millimeters taller and 2 millimeters wider than the iPhone. (I should note that the devices’ real specs are disclosed to the court.)

Even with the slight deceit in size, knowledgeable dutch lawyers take offense to Apple’s actions, stating that it’s inappropriate for them to repeatedly present inaccurate evidence in hopes to sway the judge to favor them.

“It surprises me that for the second time incorrect presentations of a Samsung product emerge in photographic evidence filed in litigation,” says Mark Krul, a Dutch lawyer who specializes in IT and intellectual property law. “This is not appropriate and undermines Apple’s credibility both inside and outside the court room.”

On the other hand, some are arguing that it’s OK for Apple to change scaling as long as they don’t warp the aspect ratio. Considering these phones have nearly identical aspect ratios, that would’ve been hard for them to pull off if they wanted to make their case on the phones’ size and shape being identical. The photo to the right of the phones show the real height and width of the Samsung Galaxy S compared to the iPhone. It’s not that big of a difference, but it’s significant enough to call foul.

Oh, and don’t you think it’s a bit unfair of Apple to show their homescreen next to the Galaxy S’s app drawer? Compare apples to apples, Apple, because I don’t see anything even resembling a widget on your homescreen – just a bunch of folders and apps. No word yet on if this piece evidence will be invalidated. [WebWereld via Computer World UK, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. “Oh, and don’t you think it’s a bit unfair of Apple to show their homescreen next to the Galaxy S’s app drawer? Compare apples to apples, Applel.”

    That was my thought too.

    1. Not only is this the second time Apple has done this, but i find it awfully intriguing that Engadget also posted side-by-side comparison photos in their articles when the whole Apple vs Sammy infringement-fest first started. It’s just a little too much out of the realm of coincidence for me to believe that a tech blog with increasing Apple bias would show a photo comparing an iPhone4 and a Galaxy S, with the iOS home screen and the Android app drawer open, in an attempt to further mislead the populace that Samsung copied Apples icon grid to the point that they “have it on their home screen” as well, and then not two months later Apple submits evidence to German courts displaying the same side-by-side comparisons…

  2. apple trying to cheat there way to wining a losing battle. glad im fruit free

  3. I’m no Apple fan, but it’s as clear as day Samsung have plagiarised the iPhone design, just admit it and be done.

    1. What did they plagerise again? Don’t tell me icons & the look of a phone dialer app. You, & Apple, have to do better.

      1. Honestly? Look at it.

        1. Don’t worry I did. I took my Samsung Fascinate & laid it next to my old dusty iPhone 3G. Case closed because Apple doesn’t have one. Court of public opinion is what matters here (that’s the reality of this kind of case), & in that respect Apple lost the day it filed.

        2. You realize that the device in the middle is photoshopped do you? Compare the one on the left with the one on the right and if you still think they look alike then run to your optometrist.

    2. and I suppose Apple hasnt plagiarized anything over the years right?

      1. They’ve Xeroxed a few things…

    3. Then let’s all admit that Apple plagiarised the LG Prada icon style homescreen and be done with it.

      1. You need to check the timeline. The Prada was released after Apple unveiled the iPhone.

    4. Actually, if anything samsung (well not directly) AND apple plagiarized the LG Prada design and both called it theirs. Well at least that’s what I heard awhile ago, haven’t looked into it recently so I don’t actually know if anything happened with that. But, if you really look at touchscreen based smartphones they all look slightly the same because you can only change the design so much.

  4. all agreed, apple are a bunch of power hungry twats.

  5. I agree with the home screen to home screen. Apple is really throwing money at lawyers, judges, whole countries even trying to bribe/bully them into basically unfair business practices. I don’t see how anyone could like Apple. They are really starting to stifle the industry.

  6. Apple changing the aspect ratio of the Tab 10.1 was clearly falsifying evidence and for that their claim should be thrown out. While this case isn’t as serious, I think it should be thrown out too because it is obvious they are trying to manipulate the judge. While the iPhone 3G/3GS and SGS1 are similar when compared from the front, they are very different from other angles. And Apple changing the default screen on the SGS1 to make it seem more similar to the iPhone is also bang out of order. I’m surprised they didn’t display a full screen image of the iPhone homescreen on the SGS1’s photo gallery and cry even more like a baby.

    Apple: Grow up. No one wants to hear your crap! Focus your efforts on making better products rather than trying to fight in court with anyone who remotely poses a threat to you.

  7. If you’re going to cry plagiarism, at least give details as to what you think has been plagiarised. If you’re talking about rounded corners, the black colour or the thin slate type profile then that’s not specific to Samsung. Half the touchscreen smartphones on the market match that profile. Besides, it’s not like Apple invented rounded corners, the colour black or a thin slate like mobile.

  8. Proving that Apple and its supporters are brainless, corrupt and desperate.

  9. Apple is just coming off as really pathetic. It’s actions like these which have made me never pay that company another cent. I’m glad all these are coming out in the open and blowing up in front of their faces.

  10. Apple has an argument though. If I left my Vibrant’s app drawer open all day, I would have the same boring experience as using an iPhone.

    1. Samsung needs to use this and the forged tablet evidence as its own evidence in

      their defense.

      your honor,

      As you can see by the consistent and blatantly falsified evidence by the

      plaintiff–that their claims against Samsung Corp are without merit and server no

      purpose other than to harass threaten and intimidate their biggest competitor.

      I would like to ask the court to dismiss all claims by Apple Corp against Samsung

      Corporation and order Apple Corp to pay damages to Samsung Corporation as well as

      legal fees. in addition to monetary compensation, Id like to ask the court to

      also order Apple Corp to issue a written apology to Samsung Corp, its partners

      and consumers. the apology will also include an admission of guilt by Apple Corp,

      admitting to the fact that their case against Samsung Corp was without merit, not

      filed in good faith and with full knowledge and complicity in an attempt to

      mislead the court and influence you honors decision with forged evidence.

      And lastly but certainly not least. I would ask the court to prohibit any future

      claims Apple Corp may have against Samsung Corp with regards to the claims made

      in this case.

  11. Well the SGS2 is a clone of the iphone, so what’s wrong with what they are saying.

    1. i dont see your point at all they dont look at all alike

      1. You must be blind, the design of the phones are the same, even the way the UI’s operate are the same. R U kidding?? Same icons, same scrolling, come on dude.

        1. they’re both thin and rectangular. that’s about where the similarities end. same icons? meh. it’s a dock. same scrolling? really? because you can scroll homescreens? actually way, iOS doesn’t have anything *BUT* homescreens.

          1. Actually it has nothing but app drawers.

        2. Looks nothing alike. See those widgets? See that gmail icon? See the browser icon? See the multiple capacitive buttons? I mean, yeah, it’s a black slab. Yeah, the phone icon’s green on both. That’s about it. Apple didn’t innovate either of those design features.

          1. dumb people like patty washington…dont see theyre on their knees for steve jobs

        3. nope im not blind, im just not as easily brainwashed by apple propoganda as you are

        4. you’re retarded. case closed .

        5. You’re right!! UI’s shouldn’t operate the same. I’ll hit phone to get to my apps, Angry Birds will make my calls, toggling my 4G connection will load my contacts. I can easily see car companies adopting this idea! Honk your horn to brake, brake to honk your horn! Same icons, yes again! Let’s sue. Samsung couldn’t change the scheme in an update. Besides, Android lets you customize. If Apple let you chose your background, they’d have another winning argument on their hands with both phones displaying the same picture. Probably an Apple. Same scrolling? Holy smokes Batman. We own the patent to left and right, up and down scrolling! We can’t allow this. Same style phone? I’ve got inside knowledge that Samsung has caved. Their next style phone wont be something easily hand held. It’s going to be a parallelogram with an octagonal screen.

    2. What’s wrong with it, is that the whole reason behind a suit like this is to prove that Samsung is trying to make and sell a product that an unsuspecting customer would believe is an iPhone.. They can try and do this with comparing pics of a grid of icons, or pics trying to compare rectangles to rectangles.. but get real.. Pics don’t cut it.. just take the two phones and turn them on, as would be done in a retail store.. How is the app drawer used in comparison to how the similar iPhone screen used ?.. It matters because not only is the home screen different in looks, but in day to day usage the app drawer is not used that much.. It would be unbeleivable to think that sales people are trying to push this as an iPhone, and any Samsung user would be fooling themselves and be a pretty sad person to think they were fooling anybody that they had an iPhone (and most would be pissed to be accused of it).. So what’s wrong with it ?.. It’s just stupid.

    3. your a clone of a moron..whats your point? like yourself and most apple users are braindead?..

  12. Thats all apple has is to lie to try and get their way. Like a little kid on the playground crying boohoo

  13. Load of crap Apple, if you had a legitimate argument I would stand behind you, what you are trying to do is a true apple to orange comparison…

    Take it like a man Apple your devices while first to market, are not always the best …

  14. Lets forget the previous evidence that Apple may of made the GS made the same size and made it more alike by using the app drawer. If we were to take the GS’s home screen and front design and compare it to the iPhone what could you come up with? All I see is four shortcuts on the bottom (I don’t know if Apple has a patent against that, but who knows) A speaker hole at the top, and a big button/trackpad at the bottom…Well you could argue that Samsung stole that, but then again Apple does not have a app drawer so it’s more like 3 shortcuts and an app drawer. Speaker at the top? Really? That would just be dumb to go after because that’s where it’s needed for you to hear the person that is talking to you. And that big button at the bottom sure, but it does not resemble the iPhone’s home button in anyway besides being a little round and it’s placement, but also do not forget that it has two more buttons to the side. The point being is that sure you could be picky that it has slight similarities (They are both smart phones you know), but really it’s not worth crippling the industry and throwing money at, while ruining Apple’s reputation. Please tell me if Apple has a patent on squares too. If they do then little children can’t play with their square blocks anymore.

  15. Very chep tactics. I am glad Apple is now seen as a dirty player. I don’t want an iPhone, it would make me feel a bit of shame whenever Apple surprises the world like this. And I’m not even going to mention how more advanced Android is.

  16. Very chep tactics. I am glad Apple is now seen as a dirty player. I don’t want an iPhone, it would make me feel a bit of shame whenever Apple surprises the world like this. And I’m not even going to mention how more advanced Android is.

  17. Honestly, i think what apple is doing here is wrong but at the same time I do agree that OS wise(Android), Samsung is not copying Apple. However as much as I love touchwiz UI, that UI is a near perfect clone of IOS.

  18. Did anybody here actually looked at the picture? That IS the galaxy’s home screen, they just didn’t put any widgets there. Not that it matters in this case at all.

    1. Yes, I mean, they obviously configured the home screen to look like Apple’s. That doesn’t mean that the home screen comes like that by default though. You’d have to be kind of silly to want to limit your Android launcher to be as limited as Springboard.

  19. Let’s face it all of the ways Samsung has failed to do better than Apple is the ways they are being accused that they are the same. 1st off the case: Cheap and plastic feel to it with a little bump on the back. 2nd 4-4.5 inch screen size. Apple did a great job making a phone that fits easily in most people’s hands which makes it easy for 1 handed navigation. That’s it they are better in these ways. The only way Samsung copied Apple from a ui stand point is the icons in the app drawer are on a black background. In Android world I don’t go into the app drawer that often. I guess when the app drawere is your main screen you think it means more than it does. The experience is much different on Android than IPhone. If this wasn’t so we wouldn’t have such a rivalry going on. We wouldn’t have anything to debate.

  20. I think I’ll patent 4 wheels and a motor. Then sue everyone from honda to tyco. Hot wheels watch out I’m coming for you.

  21. Wow Apple should be forbidden to open any lawsuits ever again. This is ridiculous. Are they completely retarded, getting caught once for perjury is not enough? One must be mentally retarded trying it twice.

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