Aug 19th, 2011

Apple’s back in court manipulating evidence again, it seems. After being accused of manipulating evidence when it was found that they made the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 appear to have a 4:3 aspect ratio when it really had a 16:9 aspect ratio, Apple decided to bring their awesome photoshop skills to the phone side.

In recent evidence submitted by Apple to a Dutch court, Apple is purporting that the Galaxy S is the same height and roughly the same width as the iPhone. We all know that this is not the case. The iPhone has a 3.5 inch display compared to the Galaxy S’s and the Galaxy S is about 7 millimeters taller and 2 millimeters wider than the iPhone. (I should note that the devices’ real specs are disclosed to the court.)

Even with the slight deceit in size, knowledgeable dutch lawyers take offense to Apple’s actions, stating that it’s inappropriate for them to repeatedly present inaccurate evidence in hopes to sway the judge to favor them.

“It surprises me that for the second time incorrect presentations of a Samsung product emerge in photographic evidence filed in litigation,” says Mark Krul, a Dutch lawyer who specializes in IT and intellectual property law. “This is not appropriate and undermines Apple’s credibility both inside and outside the court room.”

On the other hand, some are arguing that it’s OK for Apple to change scaling as long as they don’t warp the aspect ratio. Considering these phones have nearly identical aspect ratios, that would’ve been hard for them to pull off if they wanted to make their case on the phones’ size and shape being identical. The photo to the right of the phones show the real height and width of the Samsung Galaxy S compared to the iPhone. It’s not that big of a difference, but it’s significant enough to call foul.

Oh, and don’t you think it’s a bit unfair of Apple to show their homescreen next to the Galaxy S’s app drawer? Compare apples to apples, Apple, because I don’t see anything even resembling a widget on your homescreen – just a bunch of folders and apps. No word yet on if this piece evidence will be invalidated. [WebWereld via Computer World UK, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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