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As always, is bursting with great conversation amongst members. One of the more interesting threads made out there today asks if Samsung should dump Apple as a customer. What with all the recent lawsuits and hostile action they’re taking against Samsung, you’d think this would be ideal.

The truth is, Samsung’s business relationship with Apple is a tad too lucrative to just throw away. I’m sure Samsung would love to ditch ties with Apple, but on paper it isn’t smart business – income is income, no matter who it’s coming from. And recent rumors suggest Apple is actually thinking of dropping Samsung as a benefactor for some of the components they use in their smartphones, tablets and computers so Samsung might not even have a choice in the matter.

What do you think? Should Samsung cut all business ties with Apple due to recent aggressive actions in court? Sound off over at

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  1. Like you said, ” income is income’. Samsung does not have a strong enough hold on the phone market. Apple is what’s been keeping Samsung in the Smartphone game for a long time. I wish Samsung would leave apple. Not real sure if Samsung could afford to loose such a financial cash cow at this point.

    1. Are you kidding me? samsung doesn’t need apple though as it was said its not a smart business move, but it is a needed one. Samsung makes up the important parts of the iPhone in regards to what makes it take good pictures and respond better with the interface. Without samsung their next iPhone is gonna be crap. They are losing money because of apple going legal sufficient reason to dump them.

    2. whatttt!!!!apple is not keeping samsung afloat…you just dont have a clue how big samsung is..many a companies use samsung have their own phones..and products that arent phones….samsung can squash apple

  2. They should stop supplying or at the very least charge apple a premium to make it worth dealing with the devil…

  3. No. Milk them for every penny.

  4. The article below was eye opening in the fact that 26% of the components used in the iPhone are made by Samsung. That is a lot of business to give up. Considering this, I’m sure all of these lawsuits are just posturing and will end up resolving before going to court. At least in the short term they both need each other.,2817,2391097,00.asp

    1. In that case, simply charging Apphole at a premium would mean that Apphole would have to either raise their prices or reduce their profit margin. Either one sounds good to me. Fuck apple and the mac they rode in on.

  5. As someone who fell for their phones twice. I’d say samsung should keep them and stick to what the are good at parts. Their phones and support are subpar

    1. SGS2… Just saying.

    2. hahaha samsung galaxy s2 runs circles around crapple

  6. That would be bad for customers. The more ties there are between the two companies, the more incentive there is for them settle their differences and move on.

  7. They should do what companies typically do. Increase the price of the products they supply (to Apple) to subsidize the legal fees that they are incurring. It’s only fair.

  8. Nah they shouldnt, that money is supplying Android.

    1. samsung if even they let go of apple..or vise versa it dosent matter..yes lots of money..but samsung makes so much everywhere apple is a peanut to samsung/

  9. It would be great idea. They will start to compete more, which is great for customers.

  10. no just charge more

  11. Google and its partners can only support Android if they continue to make money. Its great that Samsung are making money out of iphones and then investing that money in their own Android devices.

  12. No, business =/= personal
    profit = profit

    And Apple gives android competition = > better android products => better for customers, quality and price wise

    1. Ok.. If you run a restaurant, and you have a frequent customer who comes in, constantly complains to the manager, makes a scene in front of all your other customers, pickets you, and sues you.. eventually you have to utilize your right to refuse service to assholes… Every business wants to make their customers happy, but sometimes you need to let a customer walk.. The ethics of Apple also comes into play from a “customer” standpoint.. If as a customer, you believe that your supplier is stealing from you.. well you find another supplier.. you don’t continue to do business on the one hand, and harass with the other.. What kind of way is that to run things ?

      1. It doesn’t really matter if they’re your bread and butter. If they pay you billions, and most other restaurant customers don’t know about the problems they cause then it would be shortsighted to kick them out permanently, especially when you have shareholders. I like that a lot of you guys on here know a lot about technology, and I share your enthusiasm for tech and the openness of Android but many people here seem to have a loose grasp on how business actually works. All of this patent shit will simmer down eventually. Every industry has growing pains in the beginning. Apple will STFU after the Moto/Google epic buyout happens. They’re just bullies, and Jobs won’t be around forever. Hopefully Woz will come back (lol yeah right) and Android and Apple can grow together, innovate together, and improve the entire mobile ecosystem instead of Apple being a catty crybaby.

  13. No because Apple will just let some other company make money off them. It’d be different if Apple was buying SuperAMOLED HD screens. Then FUCK Apple!

    1. I believe you are mistaken. I think Samsung actually already produce the Retina display screens for Apple. Actually Samsung is –I believe– global market leader for HD screen boards, certainly in terms of quality. I have a Samsung HDTV in my living room, awesome.

      1. Dude YOU are mistaken. LG makes the retina display and I know all about Samsung quality considering my Samsung Receiver, Blu-ray, HDTV, and Vibrant. Thx tho.

        1. Oh I see. Wasn’t sure of Retina. Have a Sammy HDTV myself. Tip top. Except a bit too thin on the Codec side. It doesn’t even play my mp4 holiday clips from my SEX Arc Android phone. Slight fail.

        2. PS – I mean via DNLA. Haven’t taken the time to do it via HD cable yet.

  14. Take the money and run.

  15. Keep them as a customer but renegotiate the deal and pricing on products so Apple ends up paying for Samsung’s loss of income with product launch delays and lawsuit costs. If Apple dumps Samsung expect the iQuality to drop, there is a reason Samsung was chosen as a supplier, it’s because Samsungs products are often very innovative and high quality.

  16. The world should dump Apple, proud to be Apple free for life!

  17. You guys are ridiculous! Stop hating at what you clearly know is the best.

    Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, damn he’s a bitch but he deserves it.

  18. Just before the iPhone5 debuts, Samsung should tell Apple that all of its products are now 10% more expensive. Apple either has to cough up a ton of money to cover the increased price or find a new supplier extremely quick or risk losing the stupid mob that is waiting to have the “coolest” new phone. Not only that, but if Apple states the price of the iPhone before Samsung raises the prices, then Apple can’t even raise the price to cover costs.

  19. Money talks, bullshit walks

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