Best Buy Offering Free Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Purchase of Samsung HDTV


From August 21st through August 27th, spending $2,000 on a new 3D HDTV from Samsung will get you bit more than 55 inches 240Hz, LED backlit viewing pleasure. Add 10.1 inches onto your total screen size, because Best Buy is throwing in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free. That’s a $500 savings anyway you slice it, albeit one less appreciated if you weren’t jonesing for the tablet to begin with. The deal is also good if you spend $1,500 on Samsung’s 46-inch model 3D HDTV.

The sale does raise some red flags, perhaps suggesting that Best Buy is having a bit of trouble moving those Galaxy Tabs. The hope is no doubt to get some Honeycomb slates into the hands of those overlooking the devices and perhaps spread some buzz, giving a kickstart to sales. But if you have been in the market for both a new HDTV and an excellent Android tablet, now is your chance to kill two birds with one stone while sparing your pocket.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Or they are probably having trouble moving those Samsung TVs. As you do remember, Samsung mobile was doing pretty well compare to the other Samsung subsidiaries.

  2. Or the new tablets are coming out with Ice Cream Sandwich soon?

  3. They’ve been selling well, according to the manager at the Bellingham WA Best Buy, especially the 32gb gray which sells out between weekly shipments.

    I suspect the cheaper 16gb may be gathering more dust though.

  4. Is it plastic like their phones?

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