Android vs. iOS – A Battle of Personalities [Infographic]


I’ve always been a sucker for infographs. Thankfully, I came across this one from the research firm Hunch where they pitted “Droid” (ewwww) vs. iOS users in an attempt to better understand the personalities of each. The results may come as surprising, or perhaps they wont. One thing is for certain, this is bound to cause some debate.

Whew! That was one hefty infograph. Overall, I’d say the Android users polled were probably more of your average, casual Android user and not the diehard fans we have visiting our site. Keeping that in mind, would you say these results were spot on? Are Android users really more frugal and pessimistic than iPhone users? Or did you find this infograph to be completely off-base?

[Via Hunch]

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  1. 50% more likely to use Yahoo! mail? Last I checked, I use gmail to log in to my phone. :)

    1. what they meant was, 2 people with iphones use yahoo mail, and 3 people with androids use yahoo mail.

  2. WOW half is true on both sides, i have friends that are very successful and are slowly making the change to droid…slowly but surely this infograph will be completely opposite in 5 years tops..

  3. Saw this on Cnet. My comment was “What the hell is Hunch anyway?”

  4. Well I can’t say this fits everyone, but what if you’re about half and half here? MIUI user? =D

  5. The comparisons are not the same – for instance it states that 31% of Android users are likely to be “later adopters” whereas 50% of Apple users are likely to be “early adopters”. Wouldn’t it be true (and clearer) to state that 69% of Android users are likely to be early adopters against 50% for Apple? Also, how can anything be “more that 100%” – It just seems a shoddy presentation of the results from what would appear to be a small and questionable sample base. Maybe the results are more reflective of the users of “Hunch” than anything meaningful!

    1. 100% = twice as likely.

      As I mentioned, it’s clear that people here don’t understand percentages very well at all.

    2. When using percentages in this manner (not a total amongst users polled) you can have a value of anything limited only to the number of people polled and the answers given.
      If 1000 Android users and 1000 iOS users were polled, and 100 Android users preferred vanilla ice cream, and 950 iOS users preferred chocoloate, obviously, the answer is going to be much higher than 100%. In polls that involve one group or demographic, the numbers should add up to 100%. In cases where there are more than one group being polled, the comparisons are in ratios (percentages) that are extremely unlikely to equal 100%.
      Rockstars and professional athletes are far more than 100% more likely to buy a Lamborghini than the guy working at 7-11, i.e

  6. Honestly, why did you guys post this? This chart comes from the same morons that thought an iPhone 3GS had a 3 GHz proc.

    1. Agreed. 80% more likely to only have a dipolma? more likely to be a pessimist? what the fuck?

      According to that infograph I fit in with iOs users… Hell, even my fave ice cream matches..

      1. Exactly the same with me. It kind of makes Android users sound like redneck republicans that don’t know what technology is or how to use it.

      2. Well look here in this thread. The responses are less than optimistic lol.

  7. I thought it was off and way to long…

  8. I can’t believe you guys took the bait and posted this. Never mind that virtually no one has even heard of Hunch, but they fail to mention the data is among HUNCH USERS. This is akin to saying that, among iPhone users, 0% of people use Android devices.

    Skewed, wrong (50% of android users don’t use Gmail? Ehhhh) and pointless.

    1. Honestly I’d believe firmly that 50% of Android users don’t use Gmail. 50% being, of all Android users, and not the diehard Google fans. Personally for me Gmail is awesome but I know TONS of people using their old yahoo emails on their Androids.

      1. Or you can be like me and use both Gmail and Yahoo! mail. I use Gmail as my primary, personal inbox and that’s what I use with my Android phone, but I’ve kept my Yahoo! mail account for junk.

        So count me as part of that larger percentage.

    2. it didn’t say that 50% of android users use yahoo. it said that if you happen to be an android user, you are 50% more likely to use yahoo than if you are a apple user. there’s are huge, huge difference. I don’t know what percentage of iphone users use yahoo but, just for an example, let’s say it’s 10%. that would mean that 15% of android users use yahoo.

    3. Actually, about eleven out of my fifteen known droid friends DO use yahoo mail or hotmail over gmail. Matter of fact is that this chart seems to clash with what people perceive as reality and like all normal humans would, they display a sense of threat and, in this case, quick to jump to discredit a source.

  9. The findings under Technology are right on the money. If you use a Mac, you would have to constantly back-up your computer. Ba-Zing!

    1. No. It’s just easier to.

  10. Wow… people responding to this sure don’t seem to have a grasp of percentages and how to interpret them.

  11. The food part was particularly dumb. I use an iPhone and my food preferences were all on the Android side.

    1. Yeah, I found the food, music, movies, etc. to be very stupid. I don’t think any of that is going to be affected by your OS choice, or vice versa. Some of the other things could definitely be linked to OS choice though.

  12. Android not DROID……that drives me crazy!!!!!
    DROID=Line of phones


    BTW- this infographic is 50-50 in right or wrong terms.

    1. We’re going to have to get over the whole “droid” thing. It is what it is. I used to get so irritated when people called nitrous “NOS”. I just had to get over it.

  13. This seems pretty retarded tbh, although most qualities of hipster douche do seem to fall under the iOS side, so I guess that at least makes some sense.

    1. In Australia, it is the hipsters who use Android because it’s unconventional lol.

  14. This infographic is false. Someone with some basic graphic experience made this. 50% of iphone users have visited at least 5 countries? Ballony.

    1. Im not sure who’s right here, but when you say “balloney” as an expression, is it spelled like the guy above spelled it, or is it spelled like the food? Bologna?

      1. STFU thats beside the point, troll. But I spelled it wrong, its -“baloney”

        1. Really, asshole, you’re going to call me a troll?

          I said that I wasn’t sure who was right. I was just wondering.

          1. :)

            but seriously, this poll is false, and insulting. I believe it was created for the specific purpose to disrespect Android Fans.

    2. This is a demographic chart of a lot more people than you perceive as ‘the world’. Learn to understand statistics.

      1. So you see this demographic as real? “the world” doesn’t consist of 2,000 people. This survey reflects opinions of only 2,000 people. You are hilarious for thinking the opinion of 2K people reflects “THE WORLD” LOL plus who knows what kind of questions they were. Open ended? Multiple choice? The fact that these moron’s included the entire collective of android users into category of DROID, shows thier lack of knowledge of Android OS. This survey was obviously created by iFans, and is biased.

        1. 15818 people, and it seems that it skews older, mid 50s maybe, for iphone users, and much younger for android users. Maybe in the late teens or early 20s.

        2. Why are you so defensive? Putting words in my mouth? Never said this demographic was real or not but also it’s extremely ignorant to call it fake without sustainable proof. Its this kind of attitude that makes people lose their creditability on their opinions. And 2k people? Please, read the article as a whole, try to look into facts from other sources, expand your critical research before you go and fluff off like an idiot. Makes you sound like you only have a high school diploma.

    3. You’re being awful aggressive, considering you’re wrong. “50% MORE LIKELY to have visited more than 5 countries” doesn’t mean “50% of iOS users have visited more than 5 countries”. It means that if I take a random Android user and a random iOS user, the iOS user is 50% more likely to have visited more than 5 countries. If 2% of Android users have visited >5 countries, then that means 3% of iOS users have visited >5 countries.

    4. Reread the infograph. It says their iPhone using visitors were “50% more likely.” So if only 2% of Android users had visited more than 5 countries, a mere 3% of iPhone users could say the same.

      Edit: Looks like someone else already made the same point below. He even used the same numbers.

    5. You should read more carefully. The stat is “50% MORE LIKELY to have visited more than 5 countries” — Meaning if five total people had been to 5+ countries, three were iOS and two were Android.

      Anyhow, I don’t think Android users should be offended in any way. I am a strong Apple supporter with all iDevices and have always used a Mac, and I found that a majority of the high percentage arguments for iOS users correctly related to me.

      Thank you for the info graphic, I enjoyed it! :)

  15. Cant beleive this article was posted. They call it Droid for gosh sake

  16. That no one can read this chart is really shocking.

    Android users being “10% more likely to be men” means that they’re 10% more likely than the average respondent in this very unscientific survey.

  17. Looks like neither OS users perfer bananas.

  18. Yea this instantly lost its credibility referring “Droid” as an OS. This whole thing probably was completely made up.

    1. The chart presented gathered facts. Unless you were offended by some of the results then you wouldn’t try to discredit it superficially.

      1. He discredited it because it’s a FACT that the OS is not called “Droid”, it’s called “Android”. If the chart presented facts, maybe they should start with researching the correct name of the things they are comparing.

  19. A wise Anchorman once said “73% of all statistics are made up”

  20. 122%? Someone answer the question twice?

    First impression was iPhone users were yuppies, a lot of the stats point that way, but 100% of this poll was worthless, so it doesn’t matter.

  21. What does personal preference on OS has to do with individual’s personality as a whole?

    1. Choosing a platform stems from your personality where certain marketed values may have caught the attention of the subject. So in contrast to that fact, personal preference of an OS has many relevance to an individual’s personality, and beyond the whole.

      1. My personality moved to an area with poor AT&T coverage when the iPhone first came out.

        Similar choices since have left me happily supporting the Android platform.

        1. Yea sadly it’s the case in America. It’s also pretty sad to see a deciding point where a platform’s perceived productivity is based on having network issues or not. Bad game for Apple to lock themselves into AT&T.

  22. Very misleading presentation. I think a lot of the negative things presented for Android (only have a high school diploma/significantly less money than average iOS user) I think could probably be attributed to the fact that iOS devices are more expensive than Android tends to be. I think it’s less that android users are uneducated and less financially successful, and more than uneducated and less financially successful people will have an easier time affording an Android. I’d be willing to bet if they compared a single android model with a single iPhone model of roughly comparable specs and price, they’d find the numbers were a lot less extreme in both directions.

  23. Lmao!!!! Wow this infograph seriously makes me laugh! Really!? So what this basically breaks down to in so many words is older rich people own iphones and younger, less smart people own android devices! Lol! First off! People who own android devices own them because they know what they’re capable of and they know how to use a fuckin phone! People who own iphones own them because they’re so fuckin simple! I know this because I sell phones for a living! The main reason people buy iphones is because they’re iphones. They’re simple. A five year old can pick up a fuckin iphone and use it! People own android phones for they’re capability. People who don’t understand android hate it! Most of those people own iphones! Myself, I’m the proud owner of one sick ass android phone! Mytouch 4g! Why!? I understand it! I know how to use it! And it can do damn near anything! I like being able to have fun with my phone. WATCH VIDEOS AND SEE PICTURES WITH FLASH LOL. I love having widgets on my phone! Being able to just turn my screen on and see the score of the brewer game! Proud ANDROID user right here! Fuck OVER PRICED apple!

  24. Hmm…Android has 39% of the market share vs 28% for iOS, yet this survey suggests 32% have iOS and only 21% Android.

    I think they need to add one more stat to this thing: More likely to have lied on this survey. Looks like iOS would lead that one by a hefty margin.

    1. The graph only suggests that 23% of their visitors KNOW that they’re using Android. Obviously, this isn’t an even sample of the world. Plus, we all know that there are a lot of Android users who don’t know they’re running Android.

  25. nope, i am an android users and i swear marc jacobs

    1. Same brah

  26. So…I like iOS according to this.

    1. No, it means you’re part of the deviant group which isn’t covered by the statistics. That you are least likely, the other half of the percentage which is ‘less likely’. You can still be an optimistic, high-rolling, leftist, well educated person while still using an android but there just ain’t a lot of us.

      1. Why are you so keen on defending this bullshit statistic? You clearly arent an android user, or youre ignorant

        1. Actually, I have a Desire for work.

          Wasn’t out defending the statistics but I feel for you if you try to discredit these statistics based on a subconscious assumptions where statistics dictate who you are when it should be the other way around. And the feeling of being offended thinking a set of statistics are out to get you.

          I’m keen on clearing out the BS. I’m not keen on people who are blinded by ignorance and choose to be bias.

  27. wtf is portlandia? damn hippies

  28. Yeah Mitch being a republican has everything to do with rednecks or not knowing how to use technology. Go jump off a bridge you liberal pussy.

  29. I find a number of the stats in this almost impossible to believe.They certainly fly in the face of all my experiences in the real world with smartphone users anyway.

  30. This is garbage.. what they should have said is iPhone users are likely to be distracted by shiny objects, would buy Steve Job’s excrement if they packaged it up and called it iPoop, and are definitely more likely to follow others. Everyone I know that has an iPhone because they think its what they’re supposed to have because its ‘cool’ and they get sucked in by the machine that is apple marketing, not because they actually like the functionality.

  31. All I get from this is that iPhone users are more “trendy.” Whether that’s because they actually cause the trends, or just follow the trends, I don’t think anyone can know.

  32. It is so funny when people see my EVO and ask “Is that a Droid?”, and I say “No, it’s an EVO.”

    I would much rather someone ask me “Is that an Android phone?” This would be a much more accurate and broad question. We do not all feel the need to cut words short to make them seem “trendy”.

  33. for the most part, the windows phone 7 description was spot on for me except i am very well-traveled in my nearly 19 years.

  34. I’m no expert in statistics, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night…Anyway, I’m one week in to a statistics course and one of the main things I’ve learned is that self-reported statistics can be disregarded as inaccurate; even when 15,000+ respond. The issue is that those that feel most strongly about the subject are most likely to respond. It is completely conceivable that users of this site are apathetic Android users (the average phone user, just want it to do cool things and call people); and additionally they may be more likely to be heavy Apple users. Anyway, point is, we have no reason to believe that this is an accurate representation of cell phone users.

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