Next-Gen ASUS Eee Pad Tranformer to Be First Kal-El Device?


ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih promised the next iteration fo the Eee Pad Transformer would be impressive, and according to new reports his words could be an understatement. Multiple sources are claiming the next Transformer, scheduled for a launch sometime in the fall, will be the first device to feature NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El SoC. The timing is slightly off from the original timeline set forth by NVIDIA. August was initially pegged as the month for Kal-El’s debut, but it would now seem that things have shifted back slightly. Either way, we eagerly await the potential of four cores pumping out Android goodness.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This is quite exciting news. Maybe this is what I have been waiting for.

  2. Sounds great. Can’t wait for it although I really hope they manage to slim down the new version as the original was to chunky for my liking.

  3. Can Android take advantage of those cores though? Correct me if I am wrong, but last I heard, it couldn’t even take advantage of dual cores.

    1. That’s the point of Ice Cream Sandwich, so it won’t be long before it will live up to it’s full potential.

    2. Honeycomb can leverage dual cores but as for 4 cores, no one really knows

      1. DanielG, this is software. In religion the answer “nobody really knows” is true. In matters of the heart, it may also very well be true. In science… true all over the place (but being worked on).

        In software, not true. SOMEBODY knows, so go look it up :)

    3. Android can take advantage of really many cores.
      But only one was used for applications until Honeycomb came.

    4. All versions of Android since day one could take advantage of dual (and multiple) cores.. but apps optimized for it are part of what makes Honeycomb/ICS an update you will want, if you have one of the dual cores out now.. Will it be mind blowing ? .. I don’t think so.. but it will be an improvement in performance that will just be taken for granted.. just as the improvement of duals are taken for granted now.. This is no different than multiple cores in PC’s.. It’s nice, and you probably should have it (since they have become inexpensive), but it’s rare when you will run into an instance where you would notice a difference, and could say “this PC must have a dual core processor in it”..

  4. Count me in! I’ve have been holding out for a tablet with Kal-El. :)

  5. Kal-El + iCS? who knows

  6. Pff! I want Octa-Cores

  7. I just hope twice the cores doesn’t mean twice as much battery drain while in standby, like mah trusty transformer ;)

  8. God has answered my prayers

  9. I’m giddy with anticipation but I’m also upset with myself. My blasted gadget whore genetics lured me into purchasing the current transformer, even though my mind told me to wait. SMH.

  10. Ahh man – I only just got my regular one. Now I want this one. The CFO is going to go postal on me…

  11. 4 cores? What apps use the 2 cores of the current tablets today? It’s all hardware specs that won’t be relevant to us when it’s released as there probably will only be a handful of apps that will make use of the 4 cores.

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