MetroPCS and Rhapsody Team Up to Deliver Unlimited Music to Android Users


Regional provider MetroPCS has teamed up with Rhapsody to offer a pretty great deal to their Android users. Those with the $60 rate plan featuring unlimited talk, text, and web will now also get Rhapsody Unlimited Music bundled in at no extra cost. The service provides users with access to over 12 million tracks found in Rhapsody’s music library.

Existing customers can sign up for the plan online or at their local MetroPCS retailer and start creating playlists and streaming music right away. This sort of packaged deal is just the sort of added benefit we’d love to see more of when it comes to signing your life away to a carrier contract.

[via Rhapsody]

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  1. Thing is that you don’t sign your life away to MetroPCS. They are month to month only, hence the nickname of GhettroPCS. However, I had them for a few years and never had an issue other than spotty coverage.

  2. MetroPCS sounds better every day now that big carrier have no unlimited data.

  3. won’t be long and neither will metro pcs and the others, unlimited is going away and fast. these cloud services will be out of business, or at least their customers drastically cut to less than half

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