Google Reader Update Adds Native Honeycomb Support


I’ve only got one word for the above title – finally! Google has updated their Reader application for Android to add tablet support. While using the handset version of the app on a big screen wasn’t terrible, we always like to see applications taking advantage of prime screen real estate. It’s laid out just as it is on the desktop – you’ve got the list of feeds on left and clicking a story opens the full RSS content on the right. If you need “Mark Previous as Read”, hold down on a story and select it from the popup menu. Go ahead and find it in the Android market. [via Mobile Burn]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thank the gods. Now if they’d just get Google Docs for android straightened out, we’d be on our way.

  2. A Honeycomb version of Google Voice would be nice, too. Maybe they could put some effort into optimizing the Google+ app for Honeycomb as well.

    How can they expect other developers to make Honeycomb apps if Google can’t be bothered to set an example for them?

  3. Honeycomb version of reader is a good improvement … but honestly the transistions still need work.

    You launch reader and get a nice split view with your feeds on the left and new unread articles on the right….

    … but when you click a feed on the left a whole new screen opens up with all the article names…. why didn’t the right side panel just update with articles instead of updating to a new view? The transition is rather jarring. Then you click on an article in that feed and you go *back* to the split screen view, this time with all article titles on the left, and details on the right.

    Basically there’s this full-screen title feed that feels horribly out of place in an otherwise well put together split screen view. i hope we dont need to wait close to a year for them to fix this … because it looks like a UI mess up more than anything.

    1. If you have 2$, you can try the Reader HD application . It’s much better than Google’s app. I don’t think Google released this ugly optimized for Honeycomb :(.

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