One More Pic of the Droid Bionic for Good Measure, 4G Speeds Still Look Amazing


Here is another shot of the Motorola Droid Bionic courtesy of YodaDroid of Android Forums. 4G download and upload speeds are some of the highest we have ever seen on Verizon’s LTE network, according to the SpeedTest.net results displayed proudly on the handset’s screen. We can haz release date now, plz?

[via AndroidForums | Thanks, Covington and YodaDroid!]

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  1. Man o man…I want this phone.

    1. Man o man, thats really fast!

      I hope GSM connections at least reach around 14mbps

  2. They are really building up the anticipation for ths Bionic. Everyone I know who has Verizon its waiting for this phone.

  3. Look at the ping. This is wifi data connection…

    1. Look at the notification bar. There’s icons for time, battery life, signal strength, bluetooth, and (yay)4G!!

      1. hmm you are right :-) i thought latency on lte was going to be about the same as 3g and thats why it isnt supposed to replace your home isp… but with this who needs a land line??? unless you ar either not unlimited or watch a lot of hd media.

        1. You sir must of never used 4g

          1. It’s “must HAVE” not “must of.”

          2. ok teacher now get out of here you are dumb anyways lol

          3. Had an epic 4g and evo 4g both with WiMAX and live in a WiMAX area, but I know LTE is supposed to be much better…

  4. I wanted this phone for a while. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way. I will have to wait until October or November to upgrade. The only advantage to that is it will be during the holiday season with the newer phones. I will be able to get the latest and greatest or get the 1-2 month old phones for free.

  5. Dang, I think I’m back to getting this phone. I was going to wait for the Vigor, but after Google’s announcement that they’re buying Motorola, I think I’m back to the Bionic. The occasional nudge from Google to get something done hopefully means timely updates and maybe even an unlockable bootloader for the Bionic.

  6. Those were pretty much the common max results everyone got on the Thunderbolt when it first came out and we were all running speed tests constantly.

  7. it’s ugly

    1. Your ugly

      i kid I kid

      1. It’s “you’re” not “your”.

  8. Not really excited anymore. Was at first but my Droid X is still working for me, and I don’t live in a 4G area so what’s the point.

  9. what impresses me is the ping
    i get 10mbps on my sensation easy and thats more than enough but my ping is ab 60ms 35 is insane

  10. With Google’s new affiliation with Moto, does this mean that the Bionic may possibly have an unlocked bootloader and vanilla android sweetness?

    1. Not if VZW still sells it…anything that goes through them will be bloated!

  11. Best thing about the g2 is the yellow screen.

  12. 50mbps on my Thunderbolt is nothing unusual, but that latency is really nice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdF3AnNc308

  13. i got these same speeds on launch day with my TB & maybe the first month (& even hit 39 once)–but as the market got saturated with other 4G handsets, it’s slowly getting to 11-13 avg. i hope no one expects these speeds (35) as a flat basis on a daily test.

    i’m thinking this could be in a closed environment for testing.

    still. that screen looks niiiiice

  14. That’s nothing i’ve gotten 50 megs on my thunderbolt :)

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