Deal Alert: Best Buy’s “Free Phone Wednesday” Starts Tomorrow At A Store Near You


I’ve always been one of the more… “frugal” people I know. Which is why I love bringing you good deals like this. Tomorrow Best Buy is having their “Free Phone Wednesday” event and they’re giving away some great Android handsets for almost nothing. The handsets included in this deal are the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T, Samsung Nexus S 4G on Sprint and the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon.
This could be seen as more of a clearance event than anything but hey, free is free. Keep in mind is some states you will still have to pay sales tax for the full price of the phone along with the appropriate activation fee’s so, don’t expect to leave your wallet at home. Anyone have any experience with any of these phones? Care to advise some would-be buyers?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Very tempting but I’m sold with the MI-One until a Samsung Cyanogen S comes out. lol

  2. Any news on a free T-mobile phone? My girlfriend currently has an HD2 and she hates the thing. She is going crazy to get an upgrade and these days it seems they are giving out amazing phones for free (with a 2 year contract of course).

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    1. Radioshack is giving away free phones on contract.

      1. Yes but sadly they are only if you are starting a new contract and not simply an upgrade (unless I was misinformed). She could technically cancel her number and get another but her plan already has a bunch of attachments that she would not be able to get for the same price if she actually went ahead and got a new contract.

        Check out my new tech blog: Broke Man’s Tech

    2. How about rooting that HD2 and putting one of the really excellent Cyanogenmod ROMs on it?

      1. If it were for myself, I honestly would probably do it. Rooting can bring a lot of life to a phone. It gave me a second wind on my HTC hero when it started getting sluggish.

        However, since it’s not my phone, I’m not going to mess with it at the risk of something going wrong (I have no problem messing my own things up but not that of others).

        In addition to this, she loves a lot of aspects of Android and my phone (Epic 4G). Overall, I really think she would be happier with a new phone. I wish she had acted upon the free Nexus S deal from Best Buy from a few days ago.

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  3. So the only way you can get it is with a 2 year activation?

    1. You can void out too and pay the $250 ETF.

      1. Oh ok I see thanks.

  4. Atrix is interesting. Of course they are giving away Fascinates. They should be paying people to take the Galaxy S variants out of their inventory.

  5. Screw waiting for the Thrill, I am getting an Atrix.

  6. actually, in places where you would have to pay tax on the full retail of the phone, best buy charges $1 for the phone, unless its one of the strange ones (ie evo shift last week) where we just make it free.

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