Animal Rights Activist Uses Android Malware to Target Users And Make a Statement


One of the more controversial apps on the Android Market today is that of a dog-fighting game called KG Dogfighting by Kage Games LLC. That game lets you raise a virtual dog, inject it with adrenaline shots and fight other owners’ dogs for the low price of $5. Sounds classy, right?

Well, needless to say PETA and other animal activists found the app appalling, sending emails to the developers and Google requesting the game be removed from the Market. Where picket signs were the old way of getting your point across, (hey – this is the 21st century) someone decided to take matters into their own hands, this time targeting users of the app instead of the developers themselves.

The attack comes in the form of a malware version of the game being uploaded to the many warez sites pirating paid apps for free. And like your momma always told you, karma is a– well, it will come around and bite ya! Symantec discovered the rabies infected version of Dog Fighting hiding a trojan called “Dogbiet” that, upon being opened, starts a service called “Rabies” which then sends out a text message to your contacts with the message,

“I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that.”

The app will then sign up the user for PETA’s text messaging service. Well, played Mr. Vigilante. Well, played. The malicious -er, “PETA” version of the Dog Fighting app can be visually identified from the legitimate version simply by looking at the icon which replaces “Beta” with “Peta.” When PETA was asked about the Dog Fighting PETA version of the app they quickly denied any involvement but definitely condoned the actions. The PETA rep had this to say,

“We don’t know who created this version of the app, but we think it is ingenious. When someone creates a game that glorifies animal abuse, you can bet that people will come up with clever, smart ways to take action against it.”

We may never know who the masked crusader was who developed the rabies infected version of the Dog Fighting app. While I can’t say I condone malware (this was more practical joke than anything) I think the illegal downloading of paid apps is the far greater sin and will do nothing but hurt Android. I just so happen to be a dog owner and lover myself (4 German Shepherds, poodle and a chihuahua), so I don’t condone the promoting of dog fighting either. Either way, the app’s “malware” was little more than a cruel joke played on a users who should have stayed off the warez sites, and on the Android Market where they belong. Who knows, with a little more programming knowledge, I would have taken the mischievous nature of the Dog Fighting PETA version just a little further with a text message adding, “I also steal apps online.”

[Via Syamtec Blog and DroidGamers]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. My only problem with this game is that it’s boring. I do hope that whoever made a malware version is prosecuted with the same resources and veracity used to go after any other hacker.

  2. It is amazing to me that people don’t care about violent games where you kill other humans in detail but when, god forbid, a mangy mut of a dog is killed everyone gets up in arms over it. I certainly don’t condone the harm of animals but IT”S JUST A GAME. I enjoy playing a good FPS from time to time and that does NOT mean that I will go murder a human.

    Another soap box* animals ARE NOT on the same level as humans. I would rather save a humans life over an animals any given day. In most cases I like animals more than most humans but there is something morally wrong as human beings that make people believe that animals are worth more than the life of a man.

    /end rant

    edit: oh yeah, malware in an app is completely lame. I will beat the person who created that crap with the femur of a dog.

    1. It’s like you stole the words from me.

      1. Oh no! Dan stole words, so he should get malware!!!

    2. Wow! So what exactly makes you think you’re better than any animal?

      1. That’s what I thought, you can’t come up with one good reason. Why? Because you aren’t. I’m not a troll, I just have a VERY firm grasp on reality.

        1. The James dog have spoken.

          BTW, I eat dogs.

          1. A bit out of it when you typed that up by chance?

        2. “Firm grasp of reality”??? Dan said he would save a humans life over an animals and you question this? All humans should be saved before animals. It’s horrifying to me to think that you would respond to that with “what makes you think that your better than any animal”. I would hate to think that there is anyone out there that would save any animal from a burning building before people. I’m sorry, but your reality is really messed up!

          1. People have too many babies. I would most likely save Boxer pups first. They’re cute.

            People are fat nowadays. They consume too much. Think they’re smart.

            And they think their opinions matter on message boards.

            Let ’em burn.

          2. My reality is messed up? Ha! No, look around you. Turn on the world news and tell me what you see. There’s a lot of fighting and hunger going on. You know why that is? It’s because there’s too many people in the world. It’s only going to get worse too. Who’s fault is it? The dogs? The cows? No, people are to blame.

            Oh, what’s that you say? But people are smart and will figure out a fix? No, the ego of the human race will only make sure that more people will live. It sounds brash, but that isn’t the answer. That’s the problem, too many people. People are this planet’s number one enemy.

            Everyone here can try to tell me how “messed up” I am but at the end of the day, if you search deep down, you’ll know that I’m right. If you don’t, you’re just a coward.

      2. Translation: Dan doesn’t have a response so he has to claim the question doesn’t warrant one.

        He has effectively yielded.

        James, you’re the victor!

        1. JameS, allansm and a dog in a burning house? ? ? what to do??? I’ll wait for 30 minutes and the roasted animals are ready.

          Am I acting like animal? I should act more so that you will save me from a burning house.

          1. You’re wrong.

            I’ll save the dimwitted animals, hence you’ll be the first rescued.


          2. Ah, guess you’re a bit more with it but still not enough. Trust me, I’m more capable of getting myself AND the dog out of burning house than you are.

      3. James, your comment is ridiculous.

        You are using the “appeal to ignorance” logical fallacy which takes the form, “I believe X, prove I’m wrong.” and then claiming victory when people can’t/won’t.

        Classical examples of this are “I believe ghosts exist… prove me wrong” or “This banana in my ear keeps crocodiles away… do you see any around?”

        (Actually, the last one is a slightly different fallacy, but you get the point.)

        1. Ok, then you prove me wrong then. Prove that he’s better than any animal. Or are you going to hide behind your “fallacy” defense? Or are you going to hide behind the “I won’t justify that with a response”? Your logic is greatly flawed. He stated he’s better than any animal, he’d better be able to back that claim up.

          1. How are you guys defining ‘better’?

            Our cognitive abilities are obviously ‘better’.
            Our potential for compassion, especially to other species, is ‘better’.
            Our tool making skills are ‘better’.
            Our language skills are ‘better’.

            I get your point that you feel our species is pretty nasty. I also see you attempting to raise the status of other species through this argument. But I don’t buy it.

            I guess, the best response would be to point out the POTENTIAL of the human species (or individuals of it). All other animal are ‘stuck’. They have no potential to rise above the instincts that define them. Sure, you can train some of them to perform human-like tasks, but these are merely small alterations of their existing abilities.

            Humans, while capable of ‘evil’ on a species and individual basis, always have the potential to do ‘better’.

          2. And yet, even those items you claim to be better have only dug us deeper into a hole.

          3. The topic was would you save a human over an animal and your reply was that there are too many people in this world and that everyone else is a coward. You made it clear where you stand. You believe we are all cowards who would save people over animals because we are to blame for everything. I understand that this is your view on reality, but its definitely not reality. So you want people to prove that people are above animals? Why don’t we start with why you think your sense of reality is so much better than everyone else’s sense of reality, because I assure you, it isn’t. I can’t wait to hear this one. If nothing else your very entertaining.

          4. Wow! Miss the placement on your reply by far? Might want to look at that again. Actually, you might want to go back and reread my whole reply to you as I’ve already covered what you’re asking for. You’ll also notice you’re applying the reasoning for my using the word coward wrong.

    3. helllllll yeah goooooood points man

    4. Really?

      I would wager the life of a cancer-stricken rat more valuable than your’s.

      No offense, by the way.

    5. Well, we are talking about PETA here… the organization whose president condones harming and/or killing people if it’s in the name of liberating animals from such cruelty as being domestic pets. PETA’s priorities are seriously questionable. (For more info on PETA’s deplorable nuttery, see

    6. How about a child rape game? would you also enjoy an app like that from time to time since it wouldn’t be real?

  3. I hate animal abuse with a passion but I hate PETA just as much. Hopefully, whoever made the malicious app will get “put down”.

  4. I hate dogs period, and the game looks dumb, but I may just buy this app to spite peta.

    1. Aye. Do it. Buy it to spite PETA.

      I’m sure that’ll spite ’em!

  5. PETA, the only reason animal abuse exist.

    1. Eh, we both know that isn’t true.

      1. Yes James, my placement was wrong. You can only reply so many times to other replies. Pay attention! This one is also misplaced, but Im enjoying the fact that you have to search through them all. Remind us all again why your grasp of reality is so much better than the rest of ours?

        1. Already explained it for you. Go read.

          1. I’m done for the day, I’ve had my fun. But in conclusion, there have been many different viewpoints that have come up. Some I believe are just to create a stir, but I have to say that you James are potentially a dangerous man. I sure hope we don’t see some kind of disaster in the news that you have caused. Why do I think this?

            I think its best to use your words.

            “There’s a lot of fighting and hunger going on. You know why that is? It’s because there’s too many people in the world. It’s only going to get worse too. people are to blame.”

            “That’s the problem, too many people. People are this planet’s number one enemy.”

            “Everyone here can try to tell me how “messed up” I am . you’ll know that I’m right. If you don’t, you’re just a coward.”

            “And yet, even those items you claim to be better have only dug us deeper into a hole.”

            It’s very clear what you think of people. I just hope you don’t decide you need to do something about the “too many people” in the world who are causing the problem in your head. The most disturbing I think is the coward comment. I don’t believe your right James. So I guess that makes me a coward. A coward for what though? Definition of coward: One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain. What do you have planned James that makes me a coward?

          2. Ha! Trying to paint me the nut job are you? Notice that not in one single instance have I said anything about how to get rid of the problem. I don’t have to. Your ignorance will do the job just fine.

            As for the coward comment, you still haven’t read that line at all. You just focus on the one word. Might want to reread it very slowly and digest it for a while. I’m calling people like you cowards for not sitting down and thinking very deeply about what people have done to this planet and where they’re taking us. It sure as heck isn’t going to end well the way things are going. You probably don’t want to face that fact though, do you?

            Your whole attitude smacks of this problem.

  6. Sounds like an application Michael Vick developed.

  7. Well I think you have to get the app from. Prirate sites so if you get the malware you probably deserve it. Im against REAL animal abuse, this is a GAME though.

    Ever see how PETA was portrayed on south park that was funny.

  8. People for Eating Tasty Animals
    pETA…..just saying

  9. So, malware is OK as long as the cause is on you agee with. Will peta pay the users texting fees? Perhaps reimburse the users for lost jobs because they sent that text to their boss? Peta has endorsed the title as ingenius. They get to pay the price.

    Meanwhile i will spend my efforts helping people. Not imaginary dogs in a crappy game.

    1. I can’t even tell you how many posts I’ve made about Android’s malware and my stance on it. It’s bad.

      But, when a person is illegally downloading paid apps from warez sites hurting Android and developers (even like KG, who I don’t agree with) it does nothing but hurt Android.

      Couple that with my own personal beliefs when it comes to the promoting of of something illegal like dog fighting and I think the people infected with this malware may have got what was coming to him.

      Malware is bad (even if only mischievous like in this case) but when the only way to get it is from stealing (like in this case) it’s just funny to me.

      1. Have you heard of two wrongs dont make a right?

        1. I didn’t say “it was right.” I said, that I found it funny. Still do. Stay off the warez sites and don’t steal and you wont have to worry about this particular “malware.”

          1. It’s not right, but if it were up to you, you’d do it again? Makes sense!

          2. It is right. Those that were affected were trying to illegally download a paid app.

            The hacker should be commended.

        2. Two wrongs don’t make a right… but three rights make a left.

        3. yet 2 negatives equal a positive.

  10. Careful PETA. You shouldn’t encourage people to do these kinds of things. If you do, you run the risk of people retaliating. What if someone posted an app that “helps you find vegetarian restaurants nearby” which in actuality starts a service that sends a mass SMS to all your friends that say “I like killing the babies of people who eat meat so they don’t grow up to be animal eating savages.”

    1. I’m confused, PETA kills babies?

      1. I hear PETA kills a lot of dogs.

        1. They do. PETA are not the saints people make them out to be. Watch “Penn and Tellers Bullshit!” season 2 episode 1 on PETA, and you will see. They investigate that group and it’s more scary than people know. They don’t call the idea of ethical treatment bullsh!t, but they do call some of the practices of that group questionable and they explain why. It’s a well done series. Penn and Teller have high ethical beliefs, but some things cross the line and they call people out on that. Well worth the watch. :)

      2. I didn’t claim they did. That might be why you’re confused.

        1. Let me get this straight: Vegetarians like to go out and kill babies while sending mass text messages to their friends?!

    2. Sooo, your vegetarian friends play games where they kill babies do they?

        1. You seem to be endorsing the idea.

          1. Correction: “I think you seem to be endorsing the idea.”

            My post is fairly clear on its own, but if you’d like it more clearly put: the post states that PETA shouldn’t encourage these kinds of acts because an equal retribution (of equal damages) could be done and it’s something that they wouldn’t like done to them. Basically, the Silver Rule applies.

          2. No correction. You’re the one that came up with the phrase, not PETA and not someone holding a gun to your head. You’re the only one who came up with such an idea as vegetarians killing babies. Your statement is on a whole different level than what this app sends out. You need some serious help.

          3. LoL!! He’s trolling your komment dude. :P He get’s it. That’s why he kan kounter you so easily. Heh heh…

          4. @No_Nickname90, I’ve been aware since his first post. I’ve just been provoking him to respond for fun on my end. A “reverse-troll”, if you will. I enjoy watching trolls devolve further into absurdity in a failed attempt to make me lose my composure. Notice how JamesS has become noticeably agitated in his latest post? :-)

      1. LOL, I’m not painting you as a nutjob! Your managing to do that all by yourself. They were your quotes not mine. If you read that and felt I was painting you as a nutjob, you should take a good hard look at yourself. While your at it, you should reread the definition of a coward.

        1. I see you’re (yeah, see how that’s spelled?) not a person of their word. Here you are back again after saying you were done. Obviously I struck a nerve, eh?

          Yeah, I read the definition of a coward. Here it is, a straight copy and paste: one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity. That’s the very first entry in Merriam Webster. I understand the definition just fine. How about you?

          Go ahead. Think long and hard about the point I’m making if you dare and tell me I’m wrong that people are the planet’s #1 problem and refuse to solve their problems and are therefore driving themselves into famine, war and disease.

          And no, you are the one trying to paint me as a nut job. You make it perfectly clear that you fear something that I never stated or even alluded to. I’ve only stated the issue. You’re the one making up solutions. That’s a mighty big leap you made and quite frankly, if anyone is disturbed here, it’s you. Yes, you. You’re the one assuming I’m talking about taking people out.

          1. You’re just as pathetically human as the rest of us. Move along.

  11. As long as it’s not on the market.

  12. Its just a game PETA. There are countless games that involve killing humans but I guess that is OK by them.

    1. Well, they are called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, not People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Human Beings.

      They need to remain focused.

      1. Technically humans are Animals. We are all in the “Animalia Kingdom”, so the technically ethical treatment of animals would include humans. It’s the ethical treatment of animals by other animals. :)

  13. I appreciate and applaud anyone who cares about animals, but WTF, “With a little more programming knowledge, I would have taken the mischievous nature of the Dog Fighting PETA version just a little further.” – Are we endorsing and encouraging malware development now?

    1. Remember kids it is ok to be evil as long as you only do it to bad people.

      1. Awesome quote.

      2. Sending out text messages is “evil”? o_O

    2. Meh. It was malware that was more mischievous than anything. The only way to come across this malware was from a user attempting to illegally download paid apps for free.

      No credit card numbers were taken. No spyware. None of that.

      1. It could easily sign you up for premium rate services by mistake since whoever did it is a noob who doesn’t realises the world outside of the US exists.

        1. The malware could have easily done a LOT worse than sending out text messages, I agree. It didn’t.

          When it comes to people downloading pirated apps off the internet, they should expect this kind of stuff.

  14. Malware is still malware. The opinions expressed in this article are a little shocking.

    1. I highly agree. And I’m strongly considering not reading Phandroid anymore as a result. Malware is malware and this article is pretty blatantly endorsing malware. SERIOUSLY! Enough already, people need to get over this game after all it’s JUST a game.

      1. If you’ve been reading Phandroid you would know that I almost make nightly posts on Android’s malware problem alerting users on how to avoid it. Same in this case. Visit illegal warez sites. Get malware. That’s what happens when you steal.

        1. so should everyone whose tethered also be given malware by the carriers?

          1. That’s more of a grey area. If they’re “stealing” data and the tethering app they were using sent out a text message to their contacts saying “I illegally tether.” then yeah, I would find it funny.

            I don’t like stealing.
            I don’t like malware.
            I don’t like dog fighting.

            But that’s just my opinion. I respect your’s and everyone else’s.

          2. Oh please it’s a grey area only because you disagree with the carriers stance. Doesn’t matter what your opinion on tethering is. If the carriers deem it illegal, then it’s illegal. So stop being hypocritical.

          3. @Chris, you wouldn’t like the video I recorded while trying to eat my lunch on high street one sunny afternoon. Two homeless guys showed up and had their dogs fight to music while they collected money. I was so pissed that I recorded it to show the local authority to try to get the dogs taken away from the homeless people and placed into a better home. They interrupted my peaceful meal for that crap.

          4. yankdez – Last I checked, carriers cannot deem things illegal, only legislators can. Breach of contract is a civil matter, not a criminal one.

      2. And stealing is stealing, even if it’s digital.

      3. Nah.

    2. Malware is bad but you know what’s worse? People who visit these illegal warez sites in an attempt to download paid apps. If I really was “for” this malware or this app would I make a post on it alerting everyone and how they can identify it?

      1. I’m not implying that you directly support malware. You didn’t originally claim to be cool with this because it was on warez sites. Rather, it seemed to be because you don’t like the original app (and I agree frankly).

        You said that you would have gone further than the malware author if you had the skill. I don’t think is a point of view Phandroid should be espousing in a news post. That’s best left for editorial content that is clearly marked as such.

        I’m also not comfortable that you altered the closing of your post after you started taking heat for it. I do quite a bit of freelance technology writing, and if I did that without indicating the post had been edited to better reflect my views, I’d get bounced from that gig fast.

        I’m not criticizing you personally, just the way this post was handled.

        1. I had to clarify my stance for those (like you) who misinterpreted it. It was causing more trouble than it’s worth from people saying “they eat dogs” to people saying “I’d kill a man before an animal.”

          This was more an editorial post than anything. One that struck me on a personal level. That’s why I posted.

          1. In what way did I misinterpret what you said? I didn’t say any of the outlandish things you cited. I simply disagree with your conclusions and the surreptitious editing of content. If it is your assertion that this is editorial content, fine. But I think the outward appearance of news is why you’re catching flack.

          2. Pretty sure it’s my stance that’s created flack (see all other comments).

      2. “…masked crusader…”

        “…I would personally like to give him/her a virtual pat on the back.”

        “…I would have taken the mischievous nature of the Dog Fighting PETA version just a little further.”

        I like you as a writer but that is quite a positive spin on some malware that may have texted an obscene message to important individuals in different people’s lives.

        1. That a person wouldn’t have been subject to if they weren’t stealing.

          1. It’s still malware, it’s still positive spin, and maybe they were trying to download a paid app for free but I don’t think PETA has a paid dog fighting app that also sends out malicious text messages.

            So, if you look at what *actually* happened you’ll find that they didn’t steal anything even if their intent may have been otherwise.

            Maybe their friend emailed them the app and they didn’t know it should have been paid for. There are other possibilities than them searching warez sites and knowingly attempting to download the real app for free. Now they are victims of malware and you have all but condoned the software on Phandroid.

            I’m not sure why you refuse to see the alternate sides of the story and insist that these people must have been getting what they deserved.

          2. Relax. It sent a text saying they hate animals. Woopty damn doo.

      3. I like this specific malware for two reasons:

        It punishes cheap, lowlife punks who can’t afford a cheap app and fucking idiots who would play such a cheap, classless app.

        Hooray for the hacker!

  15. I don’t support the signing people up for the PETA text service but I think they should have left it at sending out that initial text to everyone in contacts.

  16. Please “tip” the site expressing your disgust with this article. Thank you!

    1. I love it. Write more, chris.

  17. I too find it odd, how somany people can be for aborting babies but yet hate to see animals die. And it is indeed something wrong with the-mind state of people like this…

    1. A lot of what people do is odd. I saw a video of what happens to male chicks once and it might have put me off eating eggs. Thankfully I do not like eggs so it is easy to avoid that moral dilema.

      1. I see that hurting animals outside of food is wrong, but whats even more so wrong is how people who are allllll about protecting animal life are for killing babies…isnt that odd and twisted????

        1. i wanted to abort my children and im all for spaying a dog while pregnant, especially after seeing litters upon litters of puppies and kittens being euthanized at shelters… yes puppies and kittens, under 2 months of age…. i love my children dearly now and wouldnt trade them for anything

  18. Lol, you realize that the game is a parody of dogfighting and that the developers donate a portion of their profits to animal rescue organizations, right?

  19. While I don’t condone malware of any sort….I find this funny because I am also a big animal rights proponent and am highly against warez.

    1. I think we’re seeing eye to eye on this issue =)

  20. Chris you really wanna give this asshole a virtual pat on the back? It is a damn video game you moron. It isn’t condoning anything. How would you like it if i took your phone and sent a text to all your friends saying “I like killing human beings” because you played Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto? This app developer is just another fanatic from PETA and should be punished to the fullest extent the law will permit.

    1. Barath. I don’t think you’re getting it. The only way to get the malware is from downloading an app (I just so happen to not agree with) ILLEGALLY. I mentioned it several times. Even the creator of the DogFighting app would find this malware funny. Don’t steal and you wont have to worry about malware. =)

      1. I’m sure that is true and this probably the only malware the person who created this has ever created.

        1. The guy can create malware all day but IN THIS CASE, it was only sending out text messages (funny) on an illegally downloaded version of a game I don’t personally agree with.

          Should people create malware? No.
          Should people create dog fighting games? That’s up for debate.
          Should people download illegal games off the internet? HECK NO.

  21. Anyone downloading this app or doing it in real life should be murdered. I wouldn’t even feel bad if I had to be the one to drop the guillotine. I welcome THIS malware because it’s deserving.

    F-YOU Michaelvickians

    1. That’s a little over the top bro. Im an animal lover myself, and def don’t support dog fighting, but the death penalty for this isn’t even close to called for.

      1. Ha!

        Yeah, no death penalty for playing the game.

        Perhaps a couple lashes to the back though.


  22. I wanna play this app. :P I watch gore movies, (SAW, oh my gosh…o.O) so does that make me a bad person? Would you rather someone stone and decapitate a real dog, or some virtual dog? What about in the movies where “No animals were hurt in the makings”. I don’t see PETA tryna stop that. Those are real animals and virtual animals are the ones being killed. And that’s more local than some app I didn’t even know about until now. Maybe playing games like this helps people get over there inner evil or something. People these days just don’t take the time to understand.

    PETA is probably doing something like this only to get some publicity.

  23. If you think this game is evil because it involves dog fighting, hear me loud and clear when I say that you are a fucking idiot. Don’t forget that millions of people around the world play games in which they are killing human beings, and no one seems to give a shit. But when it’s dogs, everyone seems to get up in arms about it. It’s a fucking game you fucking idiot. Just because someone plays it doesn’t mean they want to fight dogs in real life. Just like I play Call of Duty or any other violent video game doesn’t mean I want to shoot/beat/kill/rob someone in real life. Dog fighting is terrible and cruel and evil, but remember it’s just a game, just like shooting someone in the face in Call of Duty is.
    Ray Lewis helped cover up a murder.
    Randy Moss beat women.
    Donte Stallworth drove his car while drunk and high and killed a pedestrian.
    And Michael Vick fought and killed dogs.

    1. I don’t think the game is evil. I just think only fucking idiots play it.

      Fucking idiot.

  24. This is the silliest post ever. Why do people lose all ability for rational thought when dogs or cats are involved?

    Nintendo has a game very similar to this. (Only noticeably more fun.) Their fictional animals aren’t just beasts either, at least some of them are more or less sentient. But they’re not dogs or cats.

    There are a number of games about brutally murdering human beings, not just soldiers either. There are a number of games about “sniping” random civilian targets, running people down, etc. Again, no dogs or cats, so it’s OK.

    There are a roughly a zillion hunting games, many of them about the hunting of severely endangered species. These games allow you to fantasize about helping to forever extinguish a life-form from our world. But not dogs or cats, so it’s OK.

    Many games involve institutionalized bloodsport where non-consenting human beings are forced to fight to the death. But still, no cats or dogs, so it’s OK.

    Some games even allow you to wipe out entire civilizations and enslave their survivors for no reason at all. But there’s no mention of those civilizations’ cats or dogs, so it’s OK.

    In real life, any of those things would be far worse than a dog fight.

    Besides all that, everyone knows that this post and others like it will result in more paid downloads of the game itself that everyone claims to hate!.

    Conclusion : The mention of cats or dogs makes people dumber than my ACTUAL CAT.

    1. So you’re concluding that people shouldn’t stick up for any causes that you deem silly?

      That’s silly.


  25. ANY decent person should be appalled by this app, it’s disgusting and should not be allowed in the Android Market. What if they released a Nazi Concentration Camp app, would you too approve of that?

    1. Yes because that happened a long time ago, and it would most likely be a remembrance app to remember the ones who died.

      Specify more.

    2. Yes. I would approve of that, actually. There’s this thing called free speech.

    3. Have you ever actually taken a look at the app? It’s a parody of dogfighting, the developers fully recognize how absurd dogfighting is.

      And yes, I would approve of a Nazi concentration camp app, or a Soviet gulag app or a Ku Klux Klan app. Just because something is distasteful doesn’t mean we ought to suppress it.

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. That’s the way the free market works.

  26. I am not a member of PETA, they are far too out there for me, but I strongly support the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League and our local Humane Society in Mendocino County, CA, kudos for this person working to make this app less appealing, and cause problems for the sick people who download it.

    1. I disagree with you, would you mind handing over your phone for a sec so I can spam everyone you know with my opinion of you.

  27. Sure, the want to protect animals and all the while they’re mercilessly murdering defenseless plants. At least animals can run away. They get a fighting chance. Plants just sit there, rooted. Plants don’t poop in your yard or hump your leg. They just stand around providing beautiful aromatic flowers for our enjoyment, asking nothing in return. Plants clear our air. Plants don’t claw up the furniture or knock over the garbage cans.

    That’s why, in the spirit of fair play, I prefer to eat only animals and spare the poor defenseless and neglected plants.

  28. I say if PETA supports infected millions of devices with malware and/or viruses over a stupid game then they are no better than those who host actual dogfights. If PETA supports this, then they are morons and they should be caged up and forced to fight eachother. This is just a game for crying out loud. It seems like it’s always the naysayers, all the haters that have a hard time distinguishing reality from virtual reality. They should just learn when to shut their mouths.

    1. The only people who get malware are the ones who illegally steal the game. Seems fair to me.

  29. Another Android malware that only morons will get — I have no problem with this at all.

    BTW- there’s no reason for a comma in the phrase “well played.”

  30. This just in!!!! No dogs were or will be injured in the making of, or playing this game!!!….. Thank you!!

    Lets get real people…. it is a game!!
    I do think that it is funny that Call of Duty or Battlefield can come out and no one ever has a problem with those games. They are really fun to play too!!

    I guess listening to rock and roll and watching MTV when I was young also rotted my brain and made me into a crazy maniac… even though I work in a professional environment…. come on people it is for entertainment use… no one is hurting anyone!!!!

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