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It’s happened to all of us – set your keys or your phone down somewhere and, forgetting you did so, you walk away nonchalantly as if all is well in the world. Then that feeling creeps up on you. You know what I’m talking about. Cobra Tag will help you out in those situations, though, because it won’t let you walk away from your stuff without you knowing.

You’ll get a “tag” that you can attach to your keys and purse, while their smartphone app does its thing on that end of the spectrum. If you walk away, something’s going to beep, vibrate or scream at you as it works two ways. Your phone will alert you when you’ve left the tag behind and the tag will alert you when you’ve left the phone behind.

Simple stuff and comes in at a very attractive price point of $60. Just never, ever leave lose both the phone and the keys or purse at the same time because, well, you’d be SoL then. Available at a variety of worldwide retails starting today. Read on for full press details.

CHICAGO, IL, Aug 16, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Cobra Electronics Corporation , celebrating 50 years of innovation in 2011 as a leading designer and marketer of award-winning consumer and mobile electronics, today announced that Cobra Tag(TM) — an award-winning tracking and loss prevention system for car keys, smartphones, laptops and other valuables — is now available nationwide for Android(TM) and Blackberry(R) smartphones.

According to, the largest phone insurance provider in the U.S., more than 164,000 phones are lost, stolen or damaged each day. This brings the annual permanent loss rate well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, making the tracking and protection of these critical devices a top priority for consumers and business users.

Cobra Tag, powered by Phone Halo Technology, is a brilliant alarm and loss prevention system consisting of a smartphone app that is paired via Bluetooth(R) to a small key fob device. Users download the Cobra Tag app to their smartphone and attach the Cobra Tag device to any item they wish to protect, such as car keys, a purse, or laptop bag. The Cobra Tag system monitors the distance between the phone and tagged item and produces an audible warning if the two items become separated.

“Just about everyone can relate to the pain and anguish associated with the loss of a mobile phone, laptop or hand bag,” said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. “In fact, the estimated total cost of a lost laptop averages over $6,000 including lost productivity, and sometimes these items are simply irreplaceable. With a price point of $59.95, Cobra Tag is a sleek and stylish solution to this everyday problem that just about everyone can afford.”

In the event that a valuable possession is left behind, the Cobra Tag app will record the GPS location and time of day the item was lost, and will send this information to a pre-configured contact list via email, text message, or even to a linked Facebook or Twitter account. The system also includes a useful two-way finder feature to easily locate a misplaced smartphone or Cobra Tag device.

Pricing and availability: Cobra Tag(TM) is available from retailers nationwide effective today at a suggested retail price of $59.95. The Cobra Tag app for Blackberry(R) is available at no cost from the Blackberry App World(TM) at and the Android(TM) app can be downloaded for free via the Android Market at . For more information or to locate a retailer, please visit .

About Cobra Electronics: Cobra Electronics is a leading global designer and marketer of communication and navigation products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and Citizens Band radio industries, Cobra identified new growth opportunities and has aggressively expanded into the marine market and has expanded its European operations. The Consumer Electronics Association, Forbes and Deloitte & Touche have all recognized Cobra for the company’s innovation and industry leadership. To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at .

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  1. How does it connect between the tag and the phone? Bluetooth?

    1. Extension cord.

      1. Retractable if you get the pro model, def worth the price

  2. I just pictured Destro chasing Cobra Commander around their base . . .

  3. How about a battery that lasts for 2 weeks.

  4. most annoying when you’re home

  5. Hmmmmm…. I’m thinking the more feature-rich ZOMM represents a more compelling offer.

  6. Uh oh!!
    Parent: Let me put a GPS finder on your phone so I can know where you’re going, child!!

    Child: Can you please not?

    Parent: Ok. :D

    *Parent places CobraTag on Teen’s car. LoL!!
    Parent: >:)

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