TabCo Reveals Itself as Fusion Garage, Launches Android-Based Grid OS and New Devices


For weeks, a mystery company by the name of TabCo has been running a viral marketing campaign for the launch of an upcoming tablet and accompany operating system. We questioned whether or not the new products would be in any way related to Android, but TabCo insisted we were in for something totally new. They are still calling their new Grid OS a new experience, though the company now revealed to be Fusion Garage, makers of last year’s JooJoo tablet, has confirmed that Android is at the core. Aside from using the Android kernel as its base and touting Android app compatibility, Fusion Garage wants to separate from the pack with something fresh.

Along with the announcement of the Grid platform comes the launch of two devices, the Grid 10 tablet and Grid 4 smartphone. On pre-order today, both will ship September 15th. The Grid 10 features a 10-inch display, Tegra 2 CPU, and is priced at $499. The Grid 4 sports a 4-inch touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage, and is priced at $399.

Fusion Garage’s JooJoo project clearly wasn’t the biggest success, so its hard for us to buy what the company is selling this time around. They may have done better to put their efforts into an actual Android device rather than an attempt to reinvent the OS for their own gain.


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  1. Mentioning how they hate Google, love Apple, and how Bing is the better search engine, while releasing a tablet based on Gingerbread, and so customized that you won’t be able to run actual Honeycomb apps made for tablets…

    I’ll pass. :)

  2. I really want to see some news about when the next podcast is going to happen.

  3. I was literally all excited about a possible Nokia or Amazon tablet. This was more disappointing than Stride gum. However, their strong dislike of Google made me laugh along with the thick Indian accent, it felt like I was on customer support line with the guy giving the presentation.

  4. These guys should be a marketing company. Their marketing is far superior to the end result. Maybe if they merge with Notion Ink they can turn out something worth having.

  5. Such a disappointment. I thought we were getting something from HTC. No Google Apps, Market, laggy interface, no hardware buttons = FAIL.

  6. Might be a 10 inch screen but it looks like 2 inches of it is lost… damn that’s a lot of bezel.

  7. I like the interface, would love to tryout a rom for one of my existing android devices

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