HTC Vigor Gets Pictured, Detailed on Dutch Retailer’s Site


We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the HTC Vigor lately, but a posting on Dutch retailer The Phone House’s site may be giving us our first look at the next superphone from HTC. The Carphone Warehouse subsidiary briefly hosted a supposed image of the handset along with a list of specs more or less confirming what we have been hearing in regards to the phone’s hardware: a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3.4, HTC 3.5, 8MP camera, 4.3-inch HD display and built-in Beats by Dre technology. The image of the Vigor also matches up with what we have been hearing as well in its resemblance to the HTC Thunderbolt. The page has subsequently been pulled. Though those in the US can look forward to the Vigor on Verizon, this is the first indication that the handset could land in Europe as well.

[via HTCInside]

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  1. looks like a nice phone, hopefully there will be a T-Mobile variant with the HD screen as well. Congrats Verizon Users! – D

    1. ruby?

      1. well yes, but the ruby is not confirmed to have an HD screen although it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

  2. It’s look nice phone for me !!!

  3. I like the looks of it!!

  4. the location, temp and time are the same as this HTC page? Not sure if that means it’s a real or fake image. It seams like HTC uses 10:08 a lot on their phone screen shoots.


  5. Eric, its some kind of marketing schemes. Clock and Watch makers used to study the effects of times and displayed on watches, alarms, and clocks when selling. It sounds crazy but it is true.

    1. That dang subliminal advertising.. LOL

  6. Looks nice lets hope this pans out and with some better battery life than the tb.

  7. Looks to big, Shouldn’t we have some Android phones with less bezel by now?

  8. sos
    how to remove car mode into htc desire hd?

  9. I hope that isn’t the phone.. I won’t spend money on an ugly phone, no matter what the specs are.

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