First 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet Acer Iconia Tab A100 On Sale Now


Months after its larger 10-inch sibling hit shelves and nearly a year since Acer first announced their intention to sell a 7-inch Android slate, the Iconia Tab A100 is now up for sale in the United States. Aside from filling a gap in Acer’s product lineup, the tablet is also notable for being the first 7-inch slate to ship with Honeycomb on board, Android 3.2. The A100gets filled out with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, a 1024×600 capacitive touch display, 5MP camera with 720p HD video capture, and an advertised 5 hours of battery life. The slate also sports a 2MP front-facing camera, microUSB and microHDMI ports, and microSD slot for expanding on provided internal storage.

Three versions of the Iconia Tab A100 are available, starting at $329.99 for the 8GB flavor. For 16GB of storage the price increases to $349.99. A Walmart exclusive version of the tablet mirrors the specs of the 8GB model.

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  1. Fingerprint magnet.

    1. As every glossy device. But then again, if they were matte, people would just complain about it being “cheap” and “plasticky”.

      1. I was just pointing out something that isn’t a good idea on any tablet and also Engadget said it only has 5 hour battery life. I think the Acer Iconia 10in. is one of the best tablets along with the Asus Transformer.

      2. I’d like to see a 7 inch tablet that has a case made out of the same material the back side of the original Droid was made out of. That rubber coated metal texture makes even the cheapest of units feel robust…not that the Droid is cheap, I still love mine to bits. :P

  2. 5 hour battery life – c’mon a 7″ display and only 5 hours

    1. Yeah they should be ashamed.

  3. 5 hour battery? My 10 inch acer gets more than double that life of the battery

    1. It has smaller battery, too. But yeah it’s pretty low. Samsung’s first Tab had a 7h battery life I believe.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a 7 inch honeycomb tablet-I don’t care about the battery! 5 hours is fine with me-I’ll just get a spare

  5. I kinda like the Blackberry Playbook, but the more 7 inch Honeycombs that come out (or more likely ice creams) I may be swayed away from RIM’s offering.

  6. Where can you buy it? I can’t find it anywhere that is a brick and mortar.

    1. I believe that walmart carries it.

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