Android 2.3.4 Rolling Out to HTC Sensation in Europe


The Android 2.3.4 update is reportedly rolling out to unbranded HTC Sensation devices in Europe. Word of the over-the-air update originates from Germany, where folks are receiving the 41MB file. Along with bringing the Android version up to its most recent iteration, the update brings the Sensation’s software version to 1.45.401.2. With the new OS build comes embedded Gtalk video chat as well as your standard bug fixes and performance tweaks. Indications are that this should start hitting users in other regions soon.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Confirmed: unbranded HTC Sensation, Slovakia

  2. Confirmed for The Netherlands as well.

  3. Ye update here too in The Netherlands.

    It gives me more stability in Homescreen and application list. I can scroll it faster =D

  4. @jelmer..
    so can you confirm that the touchscreen response is smoother?
    i have a problem in the app drawer where it doesnt scroll as desired.
    if so this is wonderful news :D

  5. Not seeing it here in the UK yet.

  6. Excellent news! Being on my 5th HTC handset, I’m pleased with their ongoing support and how they listen to customers. Keep it coming HTC! I hope to receive this in America soon :)

  7. UK Vodafone branded… Can see this taking a while 2 come through for me :/

  8. Italy. Just updated my Sensation to 2.3.4 and received a phone update as well… The last one finally managed to fix the blurryness of app icons on a home screen. It’s a chronic pain of every single htc device. On Sensation we don’t have this problem any more. Now app icons are shiny and clear. Like on Samsung galaxy s 2. Perfect.

  9. downloading now @ finland

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