Motorola FIRE Coming to UK Late September, But With Switch UI?


Just got a heads-up from the lads at about a forthcoming Motorola phone. It’ll be called the Motorola FIRE, and at first glance it essentially looks like Europe’s version of the Motorola DROID Pro or Motorola Titanium, although this one is positioned for the mid-range market judging from preliminary specifications.

It has an exposed portrait QWERTY keyboard, a 2.8 inch display, a 1420 mAh battery, a 3MP camera, Android 2.3 and more. The hardware looks a tad different from the aforementioned variants, as well.

The hardware isn’t the total story here, though – it’s the software. While we’re looking at what we would normally refer to as BLUR, Motorola has tried hard to make everyone believe BLUR was no more. Instead, we were left with a nameless user interface.

Clove, however, is stating that there is a “Moto Switch UI” on-board. Motorola hasn’t officially outed a new name for their user interface, but Clove may have done just that for us.

This name hasn’t been used to market any other Motorola phone to date so we’ll remain wary of Clove’s listing, but rest assured we’ll be digging for more details regarding a possible stealthy installment of a new name for Motorola’s well-improved user interface. For those wanting to order, the Motorola FIRE will be available later September for £180 + VAT from Clove.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This sounds worse than Blur. From the Clove webpage:
    “Also included with the FIRE is Motorola’s ‘Moto Switch’ user interface, which allows you to switch between a mode for work and a mode for friends”

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