HTC’s First NFC-Enabled Phone Will Launch in China


HTC will finally bring an NFC-enabled handset to market, but it isn’t headed to American (or even European shores). OK, so it is still very likely the HTC Stunning (or something very similar to it) will find its way to other regions, but for now the only word on the manufacturer’s first NFC-capable device comes by way of Chai Hongfend, Executive Vice-President of China UnionPay. The bank card network is working closely with HTC on the release of the device, which will take advantage of China UnionPay’s mobile payments system.

The Stunning is said to feature a 4-inch screen and run on the Android operating system, but little else is known. The phone will launch in China later this year, but expect HTC to capitalize on the mobile payment revolution in other parts of the world, as well.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I will not be buying a phone UNLESS it has NFC. even if i have to wait for verizon to get the nexus 3.

    1. You’ll probably be waiting for a long time then.

      NFC is nice and although I will want my next phone to have the chip it’s going to be less practical and more of a way for me to make sure my device is future proofed.

      Also, not to be a smart *explicit removed* but it’s the Nexus Prime ;]

      1. I dont like that name. (Sam Keaser and Nexus Prime lol)

        1. You don’t like my name? Ah sad day.

          I agree though, I would rather have a Nexus 3. Or would it be a Nexus 2? To be fair compared to the Nexus 1 the Nexus S was more of a Nexus 1.5

  2. I was hoping the bionic would have the nfc chip I am kind of mad they didnt include it they should of

  3. I still think NFC is so new it won’t be very common for another year.

  4. Will be Great to have this ability!

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