Samsung Hercules for TELUS Spotted?


We’ve heard the name “Samsung Hercules” thrown around quite a bit now. It was originally believed to be T-Mobile’s variant of the Galaxy S II here in the states. Their version differed a bit from the rest of the pack, supposedly offering a 4.5-inch slate compared to the 4.3 inches seen on everyone else’s version. Inside is said to be a 1.2GHz processor which might indicate that Exynos will be sitting inside. MobileSyrup describes it as looking like ” a cross between the Samsung Galaxy SII, Nexus S and the Galaxy S Infuse.” Doesn’t look bad really, though what appears to be WVGA resolution on a screen this large does disappoint us.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. To all those wondering if this is just a Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G, this phone is running TouchWiz 4.0.

    1. Actually it appears to be mix between Touchwiz 3.0 and 4.0 somehow. It has a Game Hub app and widgets that are part of 4.0, yet the dock icons are the same as the ones on Touchwiz 3.0 and the original Galaxy S. I suspect some changes due to the carrier?

      1. Nice spot, you’re right the messaging app isn’t TW4.

        Probably carrier changes, or early firmware builds.

        Point is clearly this isn’t an Infuse 4G. Which lead to the possibility of it being the “Hercules”

  2. That resolution looks pretty darn high to me…. higher than the gs2 at least…

    1. It is WVGA which mean that it is 800 by 480. That is low for that size. 4.5 inch is too big for WVGA. They need to make it qHD

  3. T-Mobile, my $ is waiting for you to release this.

    1. Same here bro, that phone looks better then any GS2 I have ever seen.

      1. Yeah I’m glad they curved off those corners. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of the squared look.

  4. Excited! That thing looks sexy!.hope it has an exynos inside! And what the heck if the resolution on that beast?

  5. Come to t-mobile already!

  6. Its the Nexus Prime!!! Oh wait…

  7. Come on Sprint, bring me some dual core 4.5″ screen Samsung Galaxy S II goodness!

  8. Do not want. I’m a Telus customer, but still glad I got the Bell SGS2 and unlocked it. After playing with the Infuse, it’s just too big for me. The SGS2 is pushing it, size wise, for that matter.

  9. and if u notice, the edges of the phone are kind of rounded off, so if anybody thinks its the infuse, think again,,

  10. idk why that picture got attached lol

    1. lolwtf

  11. I’ve been waiting for Telus to get some half decent hardware into their line up for a while, especially with Rogers and Bell taking all the glory recently. This phone, however, better hurry the hell up and make its grand entrance. Also, from other reports I’ve read it is said that the screen is quite possible Super AMOLED Plus, which would indeed be super.

  12. I wish Samsung’s newer phones had qHD or higher. I would be all over that.

    qHD/720p 4.3″ SAMOLED Plus
    1.2 GHz Exynos Dual Core
    16 GB ROM / 1GB RAM

    This would be a clear winner!

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