Froyo Leaks for the Samsung Continuum


If the Samsung Galaxy S family had a red-headed stepchild, Verizon’s Continuum would win the honors. The phone’s unique secondary ticker display didn’t make as big a splash as Samsung might have hoped, relegating the Continuum to the back of our minds. It’s Android 2.1 software isn’t helping much either. Now, a leak of a work-in-progress Android 2.2 update could breath some much needed life into the handset. The update, build number EC03, brings along all of your standard Froyo enhancements including the speedy JIT compiler. As it stands, the version available from XDA is the stock build of the software sans second-hand customizations. No telling if this update will ever see the light of day via an official OTA rollout, but if you want to read up on what you can expect or find installation instructions head over to the source link below.

[via XDA]

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  1. fail

  2. Wow, I completely forgot about this phone. I gotta say that ticker is not a bad idea. I’m kinda surprised that it did become more popular but then again Samsung is known for building MILLIONS of phones and then forgetting to support the phones they released

  3. I forgot about this lil bastard phone from the big V. Shame on Samsung and Verizon for leaving customers in the dust. Remember the Motorola Devour..same sh!t. This is where TRUE fragmentation is at it’s finest.

  4. The ticker is clever but honestly pretty pointless. Android has a great notification system as is, the ticker is just redundant

  5. Lmao. I think everyone forgot about this phone, including Verizon and Samsung.

  6. Samsung NEVER does anything for the phones they put out, They get people to buy it, Pocket the money, and MOVE ON!, People ( Like ME, Sadly ) will buy the SSGS2, with Gingerbread, and THINK it will be updated, I can PROMISE everyone that a year from now, and longer, the SSGS2 will STILL be on Gingerbread, Samsung will have LONG moved on!!!

    1. The Galaxy S line of phones with the exception of the continuum are special. They WILL get upgraded. I have an Epic and Gingerbread is definitely coming to my phone (it is a year old). I predict that Ice Cream sandwich will come to it as well. Don’t worry about the SGSII, You’ll get updates.

    2. it is the us carriers slowing down updates all of the international versions have been on gb for months now.

    3. The original international Galaxy S was updated from Eclair to Gingerbread, with Gingerbread arriving faster than most of HTC’s offerings. Your point is?

  7. Thats pretty cool

  8. Damn it still has 2.1 learn something new everyday

  9. Yeah I can feel for all the people that got suckered into this phone. I myself had a Fascinate & it’s troubled history with updates was cannon fodder for sure. Best advice to give these peeps; If you got the cash get something other than Samsung.

    1. You obviously didn’t bother to root your Fascinate. This device is still one of the best phones Verizon offers with numerous roms avaiable. I’m running Gingerbread and overclocked at 1.5ghz on my Fascinate, and it runs flawlessly. It’s ashamed so many people bailed on this great phone.

      1. How wrong you are. I did root my phone all the way back in December & only went stock to test new software releases. I ran MIUI, Comm Rom 2.1 & various other roms. Was it my fault that Verizon/Samsung didn’t, & still doesn’t support this phone or others? Or faulty software like the ED04/ED05 was released?

        Just out of curiosity however… Are you really ashamed that people have chose a different phone other than Samsung? To each their own my friend but I suggest priorities need examining… It’s a phone lol & nothing more.

  10. i have this phone *tear* the ticker would be helpful if it was not locked into all Samsungs BS programs… Cant even use it with the stock Gmail app, you need to use Samsungs crappy email handeler… the ticker would be useful if you could access things like pandora, and toggle settings… as it stands right now it is pretty useless unless you want to answer a call without interrupting angry birds

  11. Thank god, now i can actually be content with my phone for the next 4 months of my contract maybe. maybe 2.3 will be leaked as well *laughs*

  12. As one with the dubious honor of posessing this phone, I’ll say that it isn’t bad as far as phones go. Touchwhiz is crap, as expected. The ticker is indeed locked into samsung only apps. And the ticker, to me, is only good as a time display. Which works well, since i can’t stand the samsung unlock screen, so i downloaded widget locker and said to hell with it. I’ll believe this thing is getting 2.2 when I see it. As far as I’m concerned, it is EOL’d and will be rooted the day the warranty expires.

  13. Sigh..
    Using the term ‘red headed stepchild’ can be seen as racist and harkens back to slavery. Try not to be so insensitive for a news blog eh?

    ” And speaking of the N word, another theory is that in times of slavery, the phrase was “like a red-headded N….” There are even claims that this resulted from the illegitmate children born by Sally Hemmings of Thomas Jefferson who had reddish hair.”

    1. Seriously? Wow…..lighten up dude! There’s much more important things to worry about in this world than this!

      1. Do you say that about all casual racism?

        1. Umm… Racism? Yeah OK. Don’t know where you are drawing that conclusion from but go for it.

  14. Nice avatar.

  15. They should put out fewer phones if they can’t make sure they all get the latest update relatively quickly.It’s over a year since Froyo got out. It’s ridiculous for *any* phone to get it just now, instead of Gingerbread.

    I hope Google forces the “Android Alliance” of the 5 manufacturers to bring the latest update for *all* their phones within 6 months of the launch of the latest Android version. 6 months is still a lot of time considering a newer version will be out after 6 months, but it’s acceptable if it guarantees updates for all phones within that time-frame, and perhaps only 2-3 months for their flagship phones.

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