Verizon’s Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY May Soon Have Root + Unlocked Bootloader


It’s been a long time since the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY was launched. Because it’s a Playstation Certified phone, we figured there’d be a bit more difficulty cracking it compared to Sony Ericsson’s other phones. (Note: Sony Ericsson did provide an official bootloader unlocker for several phones including the Xperia Play, but it’s believed that community-unlocked bootloaders are much more desirable. Verizon and other SIM-locked variants in Europe also never received official unlocking love.)

There may be a breakthrough finally, though, according to these tasty-looking screenshots – we shouldn’t be far off from full root and a lack of bootloader encryption. Exciting times might be ahead, though we’re not exactly sure how active this development community is compared to some of Verizon’s other phones. In any case, if you just want to get root and prepare yourself for any possible custom ROMs in the future, keep an eye on this XDA thread.

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  1. Still waiting on that Playstation suite and an official Netflix release (I have that green bar version and it’s very annoying.) Might root it eventually.

  2. whats the difference between the sony given unlock?!

  3. The sony unlock doesn’t unlock the R800X (the verizon version). This is the first time the verizon version has been unlocked

  4. You’re lying because an iPhone bid will ALWAYS go up to at least $200. -_-

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