Skype Video Calling Comes to a Plethora of New Handsets; Gingerbread Only


After launching video calling for a mere four devices and leaving everyone wondering when a majority of the Android-toting masses would get the functionality, Skype has finally updated their application to add new devices. It’s a significant list, too, with devices such as the Galaxy S and SII. both the EVO 4G and EVO 3D, the DROID Charge, the Thunderbolt and more making appearances in this update. This brings the total to 21 devices. You’ll need to be on Gingerbread, but (mostly) all of these devices have either been updated to Gingerbread or were launched with it (except for the Thunderbolt which is still on 2.2). Apparently, Skype can only access the back camera on 2.2 and 2.1, something many other applications don’t seem to have a problem with. Whatevs, download’s in the Android market and the full list is below. [Market]

(These handsets already support video calling)
Samsung Google Nexus S
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo
Sony Ericsson Xperia pro
HTC Desire S

Video calling is now available on the following Android devices:
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Droid Charge – Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Tab
HTC Desire (2.2)
HTC Thunderbolt – Verizon
HTC Sensation
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Evo 3D
HTC Incredible S
HTC Desire HD
HTC Flyer
LG Revolution – Verizon (2.2)
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
Sony Ericsson Xperia ray
Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro
Acer A5

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  1. I tried video calling my dads Desire HD from my Galaxy S 2 and it said there was a problem with the other device (DHD, yes it was up to date).

    1. Umm, the Desire HD doesn’t have a front camera. What’s it even doing on this compatibility list anyway?

  2. Stll no Tmobile G2x.

  3. Google Nexus One as well but for the back camera of course, you only have to enter settings and activate it. I think it works with other terminals too but it’s not official yet.

  4. if only google talks video messaging worked with the N1’s back camera….

  5. So much wrong information in this. Thunderbolt has Gingerbread? No. Front camera can’t be accessed in Froyo? Wrong…

    1. They’re entirely correct about the back/front camera with regards to Gingerbread, and you are wrong. It is only in Gingerbread that Google added official support for accessing anything else than a back camera through the API. A few manufacturers did provide custom access to their front cameras before Gingerbread, but applications need to have custom code for each of those models if they want to support that. Front cameras are NOT part of the official Android API before Gingerbread. As the developer of a video application, I have examined the possibility to use front cameras before Gingerbread. Some manufacturers provided really crappy custom solutions for it and I completely understand Skype’s decision to not try to support those. Scroll down on to find information about “Multiple cameras support”, introduced in 2.3.

      1. Thanks for clearing that up. Didn’t realize OEMs were customizing APIs for video applications to use their front cameras. Now that I think about it, makes sense. Apps added front-facing camera support very slowly up until now.

  6. Not GingerBread only, 2.2 Froyo and 2.2 Froyo+

  7. I think you guys need to reread the market listing. It states 2.3 is required for calls with the front-facing camera, and 2.2 users can only use the back camera. I stated this in my article. If this information is wrong, then it’s Skype’s fault, not mine.

    As for the T-bolt, I did overlook the fact that it doesn’t have Gingerbread yet and have updated the article accordingly. The rest is still accurate to the market listing.


  8. No Dinc 2?? WTF?

    1. yes it does, under settings, enable video chat

  9. Wait…what about the Atrix? Why is there no Motorola phones on the list???

    1. She said good. Why is there no Motorola Phones?

      1. They’re not certified yet, though I was able to enable video call on my D3. They just warn that the picture might not be the best quality.

        1. Does it work though? I enabled it on my D3 but it doesn’t show any video from the front camera or the back

  10. It appears some additional clarification is necessary. According to the app itself, Skype certifies the quality of the devices listed. However, users with Gingerbread devices (i.e. I have the leaked 2.3.4 update on the MT4G) can access the front-facing camera and make video calls; Skype just doesn’t “back” the quality of the transmission.

    Furthermore, any device with 2.2 or above can enable video calling in settings, but cannot access the front-facing camera. This appears to include certified devices, because the Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile version) is not able to access the front-facing camera. (Oddly enough, the app says that my Tab is not certified, though it is listed as such.)

  11. a plethora of pinatas

  12. Samsung Droid Charge doesn’t have Gingerbread either, not officially anyways.

  13. works on my Incredible 2
    under setup, enable video chat. I’ve tested it.
    Works great, photos in the dinc2 forum

  14. Still want Honeycomb support! Cmon Skype, tablet users are seeking alternatives!

  15. Don’t know if someone else mentioned it but it is also working on Froyo 2-2 on a Samsung captivate

  16. what about HTC salsa?? it has a front camera.. does it work???

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