Motorola Announces Budget-Friendly XT531 Smartphone for Asia, Latin America, and Europe


Today Motorola announced the XT351, a budget-minded smartphone that merges the latest version of Android with a set of specs not often found on a phone of its caliber. Featuring a 3.5-inch display, 800MHz processor, and dual front and rear cameras, the Android 2.3 handset will also be available in a dual-SIM flavor. Motorola touts “best-in-class” battery life with a 1540mAh battery capable of 8 hours of talk time or 28 days of 3G standby.

The Motorola XT531 will launch in China this month followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe (as the Motorola FIRE XT), and Latin America (as the Motorola SPICE XT) this fall. The dual-SIM model will also be available in Asia this fall.

[via Motorola]

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  1. well well well motorola wants people outside america to buy its products but then what thay are doing to the atrix users in uk makes me think why would anyone bother to buy motorola products.

    1. I guess Motorola is ok if you do not want to get any OS updates.

  2. Why don’t we get this in the US?

    1. when they say its “available” in all these countries they mean that they have a carrier who is willing to sell/market/distribute it. If you decide to buy one via Ebay, it will be usable on GSM networks (either Att or some local/regional carriers) here. But no carriers want to distribute it because they prefer to sell expensive phones that corner customers into a contract.

      In fact, I think it will be the first dual-SIM Android to be made by a reputable manufacturer.

  3. It’s the Domino+!!! :D

    This could give the LG Optimus Net a run for it’s money..

  4. do yourself a favor…find a lake, walk into it, and spend a couple hours on the bottom

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