Survey Finds Android Users Are More Self Concious Than iPhone Users [Infographic]


It’s time for another great infographic! These things always seem to make statistics that much more fun. Today, this one comes to us from Telenav who conducted a national survey on multiple platform users (like iOS, Android and Blackberry) and it lead to a few interesting conclusions. Let’s get started.

First off, apparently a whole third of Americans would rather give up sex than their cellphone (guilty!) but when it comes a toothbrush or computer — I can tell you I would not be one of the 20-ish percent who would give those up for my Evo 3D. Not a chance.

When comparing OS’s (this should be fun), it would seem Android users are cheaper than iOS user with 63% of Androids never paying more than $1 for an app. Personally, I think I’ve spent more than $300 in the Android Market since its inception.

Although they spend more for their apps, iPhone users have worse manners however, with 34% of them regularly checking their phones at the dinner table (a personal pet-peeve of mine). C’mon guys! Is it that hard to put your phone down for 10 minutes (I’m a fast eater)?

Oh, I like this one! With all the talk of “iPhone users are so trendy and think of their phones as a fashion statement,” it turns out 50% of Android users (vs iPhone’s 35%) feel their phone reflects their personal sense of style. This means, it’s Android users who are more self-conscious and to an extent, define themselves by the OS in their pocket. Actually, this makes sense seeing how many die-hard Android fanboys have this superiority complex when it comes to other OS’s.

So let’s get this conversation started! I’m curious to see what you guys are guilty of in this survey. How much do you normally spend on apps in the Market? Do you feel like your phone/OS defines who you are? Would you rather give up your toothbrush of your Android device for a week?

[Via Telenav]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. In other news, the 33% who said they would give up sex are nerds who never get any p[moderated]y anyway. Therefore they have nothing to give up.

    1. Just. Like. Me. =(

  2. Hey Chris I really enjoy these articles. I’d love to start seeing some polls every now and then discussing the best type of apps for given purposes. Such as which Android app is the best music player or best Launcher replacement etc. and let Phandroid users vote. Just a thought :P

    1. I think I can pull that off… :D

  3. So what does this teach us?

    Cell phones need to start shipping with fake [vaginas] attached.

    1. Lololol. “Sex… there’s an app for that” ;)

    2. Wow, lots of moderation going on around here today. I meant [vaginas] as in [vagina] cats. “Cell phones should come with fake [vagina] cats attached”

      Whats so wrong about that?

      1. The edit made that comment so much better.

  4. Of course 66% sleep with their smartphone next to them…because it’s also a crackerjack alarm clock. Duh.

    1. Some people sleep with it like — on their pillow. I keep mines far away from me. Don’t want to develop a brain tumor o_O

      1. Mine is on the night stand a foot away from me. Is that considered sleeping with it? lol

  5. What’s the logo of the third OS?

    1. Blackberry rim

  6. And 100% of people named “Mitch Samuels” are too young to know a damn thing about “p*ssy”. Go to bed, it’s past your bedtime.

    1. dude, he’s a snowboarder AND and android developer.
      you clearly know nothing about 16 year olds who get laid.
      (is he being sarcastic?) :D

  7. Why do you guys post this bullshit? It makes phandroid seem so stupid

    1. Why do you post this bullshit? It makes you seem so stupid.

  8. You’re not touching my booze.

  9. The social sciences have ruined me. I refuse to accept the results until I see the survey itself and the survey methodology. Anyone can say their survey is scientific, but that doesn’t make it so. Unscientific survey data are worse than worthless.

  10. I makes sense that the average Android user spends less on apps. What these survey takers don’t realize is that a lot of the things people pay for on other mobile OSes are built in and/or provided for free by Google. How much does turn-by-turn navigation cost? How about online backup? Voice to text?

    Also, a sample size of 1000 is far too small to have any real value.

    1. But it’s such a pretty infographic!

  11. I always thought having an iPhone was more of a fashion statement, that’s why all the iphone cases have to have the little hole to show the apple logo or they wont sell.

    1. iPhones do have some pretty sick cases… not gonna lie. Ever seen the cassette tap or Gameboy ones? SICK. :D

    2. I like that my android phone doesn’t need a case to look good.

  12. Android has VARIETY. The choices we make, are what defines our sense of style.

    There’s only ONE iPhone. It’s harder to claim that something DEFINES our style, if its cookie cutter.

    OR perhaps its embarrassing to say iPhone defines their style. Where as Android users are more proud of their products.

  13. I like this post but when people normally create polls like this its only based off the people who answered the survey.
    There could be 400 other android people that never clicked it that think the exact opposite.

  14. I love how 30% of iPhone users think their phone has 4G because they are using the 4th generation iPhone.

    1. DUDE that gets me everytime!!! Really shows ya how smart these iPhone users really are. 4G…NOPE! Just a crappy, slow iPhone 4

  15. I call bull to this survey. Seriously, only 5% of blackberry users use their phones to check into their BUSINESS? Is that some kind of joke? I guess those 1000 people they surveyed were NOT corporate blackberry users. Every company I and my friends have worked at have their employees use a Blackberry. So yeah, BS to the survey. I know people that hate their blackberry because they are corresponding to clients in Asia and the Middle East late to the night.

  16. Nope, it’s not considered “sleeping with your Android” until AFTER you stick your weiner in it. :)

  17. <<Guilty of breaking up with my ex over a text lol. Htc hero at the time. epic 4g now

  18. Your title sucks, how does the fact that more Android user feel their phone reflects their sense of style suggest they’re more self conscious. If anything I’d find the 50% quite low. As we all know Android has a vast array of phones on the market to suit all tastes and requirements, given that choosing one that doesn’t reflect your sense of style would be a bit odd.

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