Verizon Creates Support Page for Mysterious New “Stratosphere” Device


Looks like Verizon has created a support page for a mysteriously named “Stratosphere” device. Entering http://verizonwireless.com/stratospheresupport doesn’t give you the normal “Page is unavailable” page but actually redirects you to this “Not Found” message. This usually means they’re getting their website ready for a soon to be launched device not already in their lineup. But what could the Stratosphere be?

Well, the boys over at Droid-Life seem to believe this could very well be the next Samsung Galaxy S II or “Function” we’ve been hearing and waiting patiently for on Verizon. The Verizon version of Galaxy S II has already gone through some name changes these past few months (Function, Fascinate 2) but could it have gone through another? Nobody can be sure. Adding to this speculation is the fact that Samsung recently sent us a Galaxy S II box with nothing more than a tiny telescope aiming towards… the stratosphere? Hmmmmm… But last time I checked, most people use these telescope things to look at galaxies.

If you remember, a few weeks back a Verizon version of the Samsung Epic 4G had some pics leaked online so this could very well be that device. Would make a lot of sense. What do you guys think? +500 points if you guys can successfully guess what this “Stratosphere” will eventually reveal itself to be.

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. STUPID!!!! Obviously the telescope was pointed at “GALAXIES”!!! Just sayin…

    1. Oh, I thought it was pointed in that highrise window where those two guys were…

      Nevermind, your explanation makes much more sense.

  2. That being said “stratosphere” seems to match the theme but it would be an idiotic name for a phone.

    1. Who cares what they call it? Really get mad over a phone name after all it is just a phone. smh

    2. Stratosphere vs. Epic Touch 4G…so far nobody is winning

  3. pretty sure that’s still a 404 error, which means it doesn’t exist.

    1. Apparently (I don’t have any experience knowing so personally), Verizon does this same exact thing for upcoming and newly released devices. The Droid 3 and Bionic have them and the Revolution had one until details of the recent bug fix cropped up on the site today. Although it says not found, its really been identified and reserved so to speak by Verizon, there’s just nothing posted there at the time. Its meant to look like nothing is there as to not cause suspicion or at least lessen the impact of people finding out. Of course Verizon is more likely to set it to trigger this sort of reaction instead of spitting out a full spec sheet when you enter the URL. It just makes more sense to keep it as much of a secret as possible while still readying for a launch.

  4. Usually, “not found” trumps “unavailable”. Unavailable might just mean you don’t have permission.

  5. Is there anyway we could ban these spammers and their BS? See above.

    1. Yeah, when you mark it as spam, the comment is flagged and I come around with my ban hammer and clean them up =p

      1. Just automatically ban any posts that have the word “Xbox” in them =)

      2. How do you mark a post as spam? I don’t see that option any where.

  6. What? that’s completely irrelevant, are you even paying attention to the discussion at hand?

    1. Its an advertisement. You know, spam. Their intention was never to be part of this discussion just to try and get you to follow the link.

  7. I don’t think Stratosphere will be the name of a phone, but rather a landing page for the Galaxy S II. Get people thinking in the same mindset or space, and you can start launching more space related phones.

  8. Will never buy a phone with a keyboard

    1. Good for you, I love keyboards.

  9. Who arbitrarily checks these URLs? I get the same result when I go to “http://support.vzw.com/system_update/michaelphelpsphone.html”.

    Also, it’s possible this is for the Stratosphere Hotel/Casino for a possible VZW rollout they might have planned? I usually don’t mind rumors, but this is just so very vague.

    Who decided to try “Stratosphere” as the shortcut URL?

  10. I really really hope its the Galaxy

  11. Samsung Stratosphere seems like a fitting name for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Samsung had sent a Samsung Galaxy S2 box to some techie’s, publishers and bloggers but when these guys opened the box expecting to see a preview of the U.S. version of the Galaxy S II what was in it was a small – mini telescope and a note in the box stating: “Keep watch for the next generation Galaxy S.” ——- If you think about it a telescope is used to see beyond the “stratosphere” To see the box and the card that was in it sent by Samsung go to for more pictures of the un-boxing by a publisher at a tech site :


  12. yeah, that is some pretty redundant, nut shit.

  13. Lets all just agree that Function is the worst possible name for a superphone.

  14. Well, I look at it this way. Stratosphere definitely makes you think of the SGS2. After seeing the Bionic’s crappy specs, it is out the window as an upgrade. The HTC Vigor, SGS2, and most likely the iPhone 5 will be better than the Motorola Bionic vaporware.

  15. looked like a ghetto telescope.. so maybe it was meant for the stratosphere (galaxy s2)

  16. I want a ban hammer, it sounds like an awesome tool used for justice. Back on track, I think I want to get the new Samsung phone, whatever it is called. I am tired waiting for the Bionic.

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