FREE Nexus S (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) Tomorrow Only At Best Buy [Deals]


Apparently, tomorrow is national Nexus S day at Best Buy. The retailer announced via press release that they will be offering the “pure Google experience” phone free but for 1 day only at all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations. At a price this good, it’s hard to say no. The deal applies to the unlocked GSM version for AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as the Sprint version of the device. Normally these kinds of deals are reserved only when signing a new 2-year customer agreement but you may be pleased to know that the offer is also good for those of you looking to upgrade a line as well.

[Via Press Release]

Chris Chavez
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  1. When you say “the Sprint version of the device”, you mean the Nexus S 4G right? I’m curious cause I’ve been wanting a Nexus S 4G for a while and this sounds like the perfect opportunity to get one. :D

    1. I just got one (Sprint Nexus S 4G), I’ts nice. Since its got no bloat, its 100% lag free, all the time.

    2. Yessir! The Nexus S! Er- 4G. Same thing =p

  2. So I walk in, and I say I’d like a free Nexus S and they’ll say, sure, here you go, and I walk out the door. I don’t have to pay sales tax for a $200+ phone? And since I’m 1 month into my 24 month t-mobile contract, no issue there… I got a free android phone and if I want to use it, I just swap SIM card? T-mobile never needs to know anything?

    1. You need to be eligible for an upgrade

    2. You actually need to pay a $.20 sales tax for the sale of non-purchased goods if you are in the 48 continental states. Kills the deal unless you are in hawaii, alaska or Puerto rico.

      1. Actually, in California, you have to pay the tax on the ENTIRE retail price of the phone. Thus, Best Buy charges an inflated $530 for the Nexus S. Your sales tax would be at least $41 and more in counties with local tax rates.

        1. Yea, I am in CA. I have a HTC Sensation. I just bought it a month ago so I know I am not eligible for an upgrade… so confirm for me that I can not get in on this Nexus deal tomorrow.

          1. These offers are usually reserved for new contracts but this ones neat cuz it applies to people with upgrades on their line as well.

            If you just upgraded, you can take back your Sensation for an exchange but that’s about it.

          2. So someone who’s on Tmobile and is not eligible for an upgrade would have to sign a 2-year with BBM to get this for free? What happens to their Tmobile contract? (I never looked into how Best Buy Mobile works)

  3. T Mobile needs to fix the massive battery drain on the G2. It’s been a week and they still won’t acknowledge it is a problem. Instead, they offer to send a new battery.


      1. You all posted it here last week courtesy of the T Mobile forums and a thread started by me.

        Since last week, several G2 and Nexus owners have experienced a sudden and massive battery drain when on the 3/G/4G network. Numerous calls to T Mobile customer service has yielded nothing. In fact, customer service refuses to acknowledge that it is an issue, or claims it is normal for the battery to last only 6 hours with very light use. When the devices are switched over to the 2G network, battery life returns to normal. There are a bunch of angry T Mobile customers ready to jump ship.

  4. looks like prep for the SGSII….too bad there isnt a solid date or i would rent the 4GS for 30 days.

  5. My girlfriend just bought one from best buy yesterday at regular price. Do you think she can come back tomorrow and refund her the normal price? It would make sense because she is still in the 30 day return policy right?

    1. i think you’re right

    2. 100% yes she can.

    3. What Chris said, otherwise people would just return their phones, and then rebuy them.

  6. Any discount for TMo customers on no-contract (EM+) plans?

  7. well if they are free, ship one or two my way will ya ;)

  8. Any source? Is this real?

    1. Totally made it up. Late April fools joke? No, really. Best Buy sent us a press release.

  9. Is this a confirmed deal? Where can I find out if it is confirmed? Is it truly free or is there some catch that requires money to be paid?

  10. Should i waste my sprint premier upgrade that I had to go through loops and holes just to get it back. When they changed it up on me, or should i just wait for the nexus prime/3rd gen. If i were to go into best buy (which i work at) i can get the best buy buy back program and when the nexus prime drops in the late fall/early winter use the store credit that i get back from the buy back and put it towards the nexus prime/3rd gen? is this a smart move i need help thanks.

  11. Will this work with their new Buy Back program? Where you pay $60 up front to be part of the program, then when a new phone comes out (Bionic, Vigor, Nexus?) in less than 6 months, I can trade in and “upgrade” my phone, and they will give me 50% of the unlocked price (read: not FREE, but the full retail price) of the phone??

    O_O please say yes.

    EDIT: Nevermind……… I’m on Verizon. SIGH…..

  12. My wife is eligible for a “1/2” upgrade ($75 off phone instead of the $150). Think I could get one for her and simply re-up with Sprint for another two years?

    1. No, the $75 is off the retail price, not the promotional price, so it’s a bad deal. The full $150 upgrade includes the $200 instant discount, unlike the $75.

    2. Sadly, no. I just tried and apparently you have to be ready for the 2nd yr upgrade. That first year’s discount doesn’t apply to this sale. If you’re close to you, you might want to try calling Sprint and seeing if they’ll allow an early upgrade. Sometimes, they’re feeling giving…just don’t hold your breath…just in case.

  13. Chavez > All other Phandroid posters.

  14. Wirefly has it for free also, had to go that route since I was too lazy to call to add a line at BB (you can’t add a line online with BB, you can with wirefly)

    P.S. I love your posts Chris, you’re one of the better posters. I regularly check Phandroid, Android Central, Engadget Mobile, and BGR, and you’re definitely the best. And my site preference is definitely in the order posted.

  15. dang, and my sister just paid $90 for the Samsung Exibit..or however you spell it…i didnt read or see it just heard ’em say thats what she ordered….mighth have to see if she would want this instead

  16. darn im not eligible for another upgrade til december 2012 becuase of the change…… knew was to go to be true for free new phone :((

  17. For those interested in the Sprint version, you may want to peruse here first:
    I have had the phone since it was released on Sprint and it is fantastic… but some seem to have reception issues… like mine. Your mileage may vary.

  18. I just got a Sprint Nexus S for my dad. All it cost was an $18 upgrade fee on the bill.

  19. Just did it online at bestbuy for Sprint. I had an upgrade available on my account. Everything went fine $0 no tax. May have a $36 upgrade charge @ Sprint but I’ve never had them actually bill it before. Had to add $10 4g data premium to my plan was the only other thing worth mentioning. Can’t wait to receive it!

  20. Just picked up 2 (would have gotten 3 if they had allowed me), thanks!

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